Intentional Bulging

Discussion in 'Show Off' started by texasman469, Oct 9, 2010.

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    I work downtown Houston and witnessed a guy get out of a car in front of our building. There was one unmistakable attraction very evident preceeding him while climbing out of the car. He was VERY hard. The head reached nearly to his right hip. Without missing a beat he walked down the sidewalk talking on his cell phone and appeared to be oblivious to his display. For a several more minutes he continued talking on his cell. He sat down for a few minutes and then stood back up. He hardon was gone but a bulge was still clearly visable a couple inches past the inseem. He walked around and would adjust his crotch. But as he continued talking, he began to get hard again. It didn't seen to bother him and neither did he try hiding it while it stretch out and over to the right.

    Here's my questions, has this happened to any of you guys? And have your ever tried hiding it only to just give up trying?? I guess was more more intrigued by his penis size and the fact that it didn't seem to bother anyone who was around and that the bulge was REALLY visable.
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