Interesting fantasy of mine...looking for opinions

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    Okay, so I have this fantasy. It doesn't involve sex. At all. Oddly enough. But there is nudity involved....

    I always imagined myself surrounded by like 4 or 5 girls, maybe even 15. Just beautiful women, gorgeous faces and hair, big breasted, small breasted, big asses and small asses...all naked....and there I am in the middle of these women, naked as well, with a raging hard on, while flexing and posing as we're all involved in a photoshoot.

    While I'm not a ripped and shredded body builder, I feel that I do have a great swimmer's physique.

    I can imagine looking at the pictures of this fantasy. Some girls are really close to my hard cock with a gasping look on their face, or the hand covering the mouth look. Others are just smiling towards the camera, as I am.

    Anyway, in a roundabout way.... that's it.

    What are your thoughts?
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