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    ALL NEGATIVE, ALL THE TIME.... Greg Sargent reported last week that just about every single ad that the McCain campaign airs is now a negative ad. Marc Ambinder follows up today with the latest figures from Ken Goldstein and the Wisconsin Advertising Project, showing that McCain/Palin has, in fact, stopped airing positive ads altogether.
    I mentioned the other day that Cindy McCain told NBC in May that her husband's campaign won't have any "negative stuff," adding, "You won't see it come out of our side at all." As it turns out, the DNC found an even better quote from McCain himself:
    "I just have to rely on the good judgment of the voters not to buy into these negative attack ads. Sooner or later, people are going to figure out if all you run is negative attack ads you don't have much of a vision for the future or you're not ready to articulate it."
    That was McCain in 2000, when he apparently had a vision for the future and a readiness to articulate it. Not anymore.
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    This is the reason to absolutely vote out every republican you can.

    McCain is, at heart, a decent man.

    To get the nomination, the RNC forced down his throat the entire campaign staff he is now relying on.

    The same fucks who orchestrated the shameful Swift Boat attacks.

    And McCain is being drilled in every possible detail he can use to make the voters AFRAID of Obama.

    Its the typical fear mongering shit slinging hatred fostering crap that Republicans have been using for 12 years now.

    But, like any kind of Ad campaign, no matter how slick and subconscious, eventually the viewers catch on and realize they are being played...

    Perhaps the Ameircan people are finally realizing that , when the shit hits the fan, you want to hear INTELLIGENT ideas about what to do NEXT... not smears based upon who you sat next to on a committee 15 years ago.

    I saw David Gergen on the Report last night, and he was saying how, at Pailin's events, she is getting folks so riled up that you can hear people yell out "kill him" whenever she mentions Obama's name...

    ...And no one stands up and says that is wrong.

    Republicans do not believe in a civil society nor the loyal opposition. They demonize anyone who does not agree with their increasingly narrow world view.

    And when McCain actually shows a little of himself... and goes off script to say how he would give families mortgage relief....
    The Republican thought police start attacking THEIR OWN GUY...

    It simply astonishes me...
    I know a lot of conservatives- for the most part, they are decent people ( although they do suffer from absolutist thinking )

    How can ANY decent human being in good conscience associate themselves with this party?
    ...with what it has become?

    The NeoCon's Blueprint for a New American Century... which is now the doctrine of the republican party.... is a plan for American fascist, imperialism.

    IT states quite unapologetically that we should TAKE whatever we want... simply because we CAN....

    No moral dimension, at all.

    And if McCain can not stand up and be the man he is without the obvious manipulation and retaliation of the NeoCon fascists... Then he ought to Declare himself- RIGHT NOW, as a Libertarian or some entirely NEW party- and tell the Republican Hive Mind that they can go fuck themselves....
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