Interesting question about Shemales

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by snakers, Apr 17, 2011.

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    Most of us know that shemales are "formed" by essentially feminizing a genetically male body (often through a combination of hormones and surgeries), but leaving the penis intact.

    My question is-- supposing it was possible, of course-- do you think there are any women who are interested in simply having a functioning penis "surgically" attached, while leaving the rest of their feminine features intact? This of course would represent another alternate route to forming what we call a "shemale".

    My own guess is that there aren't a substanital number of women, if any, who would be attracted to this, even if the surgical procedure existed. It seems to me that any woman who had gender identity issues (to the point where surgery was an option) would simply opt for the classic FTM route. Similarly, you don't really seem to find men who simply wish to have a vagina, and keep their other male features intact.

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