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Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by Kilowanhasukii, Apr 4, 2009.

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    I am new to this measuring your junk stuff and I was wondering what the general consensus is for measuring length as well as girth.

    With length, Does everyone just lay it across the top or side of the penis? Push in until it hurts, or just push in a little? Also if your penis curves upward do you straighten it out to measure with a ruler, or just use a soft measuring tape? If I just lay a ruler on top of my upward curved penis then it'll read a tiny bit below 6". if i straighten it out it'll read 6.5, and if i straighten and push into and touch the pubic bone without it hurting i can jack that baby up to 7.0, with hurting 7.4. So my question is would i go around spouting i have a 5.9 Length, 6.5, 7.0 or 7.4?

    With girth, do you measure at your greatest point and say that is my girth? or take the three measurements and average them? personally my greatest point being 7" exactly at the base; 6" mid, and 5.5 just under the glands. I've heard most people do this even though the general consensus is to take an average correct? measure 3 points and average it? so basically my question is would i go spouting off that my girth is 7" or 6.266 (which is the 3 measurements averaged)?

    Any comments would be appreciated, thanks! :eek:
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    You need to take the measurement on top of your dick with your dick straight. Not pushing into the fatpad. So I'd say 6.5 in length.

    As for girth, I don't know why some ppl count in the base since it's the most useless part of your penis. So 6 would be the right number for you I think.

    all in all big dick.
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    ok if you press down it is bone pressed length. There are two schools, one which says that is the correct and one that says it is cheating.

    For girth you can measure in the middle and at the base.
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