Iraq Policy in a Honda Civic

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    I didn't write this -- it's the work of a blogger who goes by the name "karateexplosions".

    Iraq Policy In a Honda Civic

    BUSH: WEEE-HAW! I'm the best driver ever!
    DEMOCRATIC PASSENGER: You're driving straight toward a brick wall at 60 miles per hour! And you've hit so many pedestrians!
    REPUBLICAN PASSENGER: Don't listen to them, George! You're an awesome driver!
    BUSH: I know... the Democrats just don't think that it's possible to reach our destination.
    DEMOCRATIC PASSENGER: I don't even know what our destination IS! When you started this car, you said we were going to a unicorn farm five miles away... and I don't believe such a place exists, but even if it did, that was FIFTY MILES AGO! Now I don't think you even have a destination -- you just don't want to put this car in park. And even if there WAS a destination, you are like the worst motherfucking driver ever.
    BUSH: So what you're saying is that I need to change my strategery?
    DEMOCRATIC PASSENGER: Yes! What you're doing now is mowing down innocent pedestrians and pretty soon we're going to hit that brick wall! You've got to do something different immediately!
    BUSH: All right, I'm convinced. Introducing "Awesome Driver Plan B". This new plan is very complex. It involves increasing our speed from 60 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour.
    DEMOCRATIC PASSENGER: Are you fucking crazy!? That doesn't help things at all -- it's just going to make things WORSE!
    REPUBLICAN PASSENGER: Typical Democrat, won't even give the president's awesome new plan a chance to work!
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    Oy ve... very comical...
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