Is it fair to expect a man of immense sexual prowess be monogamous? Example Porfirio-

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    I have been reading about him and it was expected by both men and women that he would fuck every woman in his reach. Even the men of his social group assumed he would fuck everyone. He apparently had a 13 inch cock and he had some syndrome where he would be almost erect all the time, never truly flaccid. Most of us here probaly know of him and his prodigious appetite for women. And it was understood that he could fuck for hours, completely wearing out a woman. And they loved it. Women would find out where he was staying and flock to him like groupies wanting to be fucked by him. And everyone knew he was married.

    I have heard of this guy now who travels the country fucking men's wives and GFs within a swinger's group. Incredibly endowed and has great stamina. Because of his reputation its OK for him to fuck guy's wives (of course its within a swinger's setting so its different) but I wonder if a true stud gets a pass on being a hound.

    I am especially interested in the opinion of gay men. If you have an average or below average sex drive, are you thrilled to be with a man of immense sexual drive and do you give him a pass and let him fuck everyone just due to that?

    I know most women(like 99%) might not agree and I also know that a woman who fucked liked that would be criticized totally but what is it about true sexual athletes? I may not be putting this into easily understood phrases but I am wondering about our fascination with the true male bull.
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