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    I do not have a regular routine, but lately I work a few dozen jelqs, as I understand them, whenever I'm about to masturbate. To warmup, I tug my penis a few times and start jelqing slowly and less intense than when I'm warmed up. I dont use compresses or anything, maybe I should, but I'm a salt of the Earth type who would rather run on the street and do pushups in a park than go to a gym, so in similar fashion, I have a sort of rudimentary approach to my PE routine.

    I am surprised at what seems to be results.

    I used to measure compulsively from around age 20-25, and in that time it seemed like I was always around 5.25 non bone pressed, and just about 6 inches if I got really hard, really flexed my penis, and jammed the ruler into my pubic bone. 5.75 if I was merely bone pressed.

    I stopped measuring for a while, lost some weight, and started my version of the PE routine, which basically goes along the line of telling myself that bigger penis equals confidence and women dig confidence and that I don't get to jack off until I do some jelqs.

    Laying down I measured myself recently and fully erect I am 6 inches non bone pressed. Bone pressed, with my penis extended out towards the celing, I am 6.75, and standing up, flexing my penis, I am just about 7, perhaps more because I have developed a slight upwards curve, and haven't used a tape measure lately.

    I can not remember if when I used to be struggling to make 6, if I measured laying down, because standing definitely gives me an extra quarter inch. But that doesn't make up for the .75 inch increase if I measure laying down.

    I'm at that point where I don't believe it. I'm gonna keep going with my approach and see if I get to a point where I am 6.5 NBP and something clearly over 7BP. If that happens, I will be convinced, and I will go for 7 NBP, 8 BP.

    Is 7NBP, 8 BP possible from the size I started at? (5.25 NBP, around 6 BP)?
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    That's great man! Yes it does work, and I do believe you can reach your goals if you keep going.
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