Is jelqing dangerous?

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    I can imagine some complications when I read that you have to:

    -heat up your penis (your balls will not like this extra heat - it destroys your sperm)

    -pull it firmly, possibly damaging or destroying your tendons

    -squeeze the cells that make up your shaft, possibly damaging them

    I don't know, but for the questionable gains one may get, I don't see why anyone could risk damaging his love tool. After all, women absolutely don't care about an inch more or less.

    Just my view, after deciding that I will not do this PE stuff, because the risks are too high, the rewards too low, and I'm pretty big as it is anyways. I won't touch my nice love poke.
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    [Anatomy Nerd mode activated]

    Sperm is not produced in your balls, spermatozoons are.
    Most of the sperm is actually produced in several glands that are located behind/under your bladder.

    But still, it is correct that male gonads do not like heat. That's actually why they ended up outside of the body in the first place. :rolleyes:
    Though it has not been really proved, it is suspected that laptop computers and the fact that most men keep seated during hours and hours nowaday (where are your ball at this very moment?) could be responsible for the raising numbers of infertile men.
    (you can actually produce a lot of sperm and be completely sterile)

    But it's the shaft that is being warmed up in the jelqing exercices. Your bollocks are pretty safe if you do it right.

    The tendons are pretty safe too. The penis is very firmly anchored to your pelvis and the ligaments that are keeping it in place are pretty tough.
    You can actually drag a man by his penis without tearing it off right away (Still, do not try this at home...).
    Destroying cells just by squeezing them is also pretty hard, the thing you can actually damage are tissues (combination of cells), but evolution chose a nice way to warn us when damage can be doe if we keep up something we're doing : it's called pain.

    It's just like any physical (and sometimes mental) activity : when your body warns you that if you keep up that way you'll get severe damages, then STOP.
    Even if it means progressing slower or not progressing at all. It's very good to try to push out your limits, but it is very important not to cross them.

    And that is said several times in any jelqing manual you can read : when you feel uncomfortable, be careful. When you feel pain, stop.
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    Is jelqing dangerous?

    Only if you pull your dick off.
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