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Is there a Dr. In the House?

Discussion in 'The Healthy Penis' started by 591680, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. 591680

    591680 Guest

    Received a blow job Wed from a regular buddy. His cock was out, and in my hand, but there was no cock to cock and he didn't cum. I was lying on my back as it followed a massage.

    Several hours later I noticed a discomfort inside the tip of my penis--from the tip to maybe 1/2 inch in. It may be somewhat redder inside than usual. No discharge that I have noticed.

    I have tried neosporin ointment after each pee, but the discomfort remains. It pretty much subsides until I pee again--there is a slight burning sensation there while peeing and after shoving the ointment in, but then feels almost fine until the next pee.

    It's one of those embarrassing things I'd rather not get in my record at my health plan . . ..

    Any suggestions?

    I have not had this problem before, realize it's a good idea to pee after every bj.

  2. zpacifico

    zpacifico Well-Known Member

    Jul 26, 2009
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    it is not time to be embarrased and just go to the doctor, they have seen it ALL.
    do not push anything into your urethra it will just make things worse!
  3. Pitbull

    Gold Member

    Oct 25, 2006
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    Pitbull recommends you prioritize and think of what is most important.
    My list would read

    1.) Have a healthy penis
    2.) Avoid embarrassment on medical record

    Sounds like a urethritis
    Guess what?
    Lots of guys get it.
    And not necessarily from blowjobs from other men.

    Your medical record is supposed to be private.
    And if you put off exam & treatment
    Then the problem gets worse
    and requires more treatment
    And takes up more space on your medical record
    which I guess would be more embarrassing.

    another option depending where you are located are free clinics for STD's

    If you go there - cost is minimal to nothing but expect long waits and poor service although they do know their STD's because that is what they see and treat all day every day.

    and depending on how it is run
    you may be referred back to your regular doctor if the problem does not appear to be an STD.
  4. Gaydoc

    Gaydoc Active Member

    Oct 2, 2009
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    Southeastern State, USA
    Yep, I'm a real doc. You aren't going to come down with an STD that quickly, but that isn't to say you don't have an STD from an earlier encounter! Chlamydia takes about a month to make its presence known. Gonorrhea anywhere from 2-7 days. I could make a case for strep infecting your urethra, but again, that would take a few days to show up. Physical irritation of the tissue could cause the redness. Bottom line: you need to SEE are real doctor, not just listen to one. You can't imagine the number of dicks we see during an average week, and some are in, you should excuse the expression, piss poor condition. You cannot gross us out, or tell us something we haven't heard a dozen times. Call your doctor, please! And Oh, STOP the neosporin!!! You are asking for a rip roaring allergic reaction to the neomycin, and trust me, THAT is gonna burn like hell!
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