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    Who says Island boys don't get their groove on? In this first DVD featuring boys from tthe Caribbean Q films makes it debut with the hot series called IslandHeat. The DVd features 5 scenes of mouth watering men fucking, sucking and jerking their big dicks, bursting out all the caribbean juice. The acting is real, they dare to do the unmentionable and they aim to please. Look out for other DVD in the series. Q Films has just entered the building. Everyone stand up and pay attention.
    Synopsis of the Scenes:
    Scene 1. Power Fuck -Devlin fucks Mr P into a stupor . Devlin fucks hard , Mr P loves it even harder. This is a fuck of his life.
    Scene 2. Jerk Da Dick- Large T jerks his massive 12 incher and pleases himself to the utmost - it makes you want to join him.
    Scene 3. Da DickToo Big My Yute: Island Boys get their groove on in this must see action scene. Big D's fat dick makes complain that his dick is too big- but like a trooper he continues to take da fuck of his life. He loves every minute of it.
    Scene 4.Suck Da Dick - Passion & Bimmer discover each other in the hills of Jamaica. They discover a lot fo things- that they both love each other's dick.
    Scene 5. Just Like Dat: Feature model Country takes time out to wash his car in the blasing sun. He is all nude and he gets horney. The rest is history.
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