It Must Have Happened To You Too.

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    Recently I recalled several incidences when someone was very surprised too see how large my erection was before we got intimate, and without thinking they said the first thing that come to mind.

    One said pointing at my member in a questioning tone "what's that?!"

    Another said, her eyebrows press together in a serious tone "where do you think you're putting that"

    Did not stop them from having sex with me though.

    Another said smiling "Thank goodness". She later confessed to me that she thought, because of my body size I "wouldn't be packin'" [I am 5' 10 1/2" 160lbs with a 30 inch waist]. She also told me that before she found out about my size that she liked me very much, and in her mind was doing me a favor (who she thought had a "little pencil dick").

    I look back and see humor in all of these scenarios.
    Tell us about yours.

    Have fun!!
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