Itty Bitty Teeny Tiny Orgasm

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    Aug 20, 2005
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    We went to Tunica, MS yesterday to pay the light bill at one of the casinos. That, and to meet an old friend that we've not seen for many years and that alone was wonderful.
    While at dinner, people were walking back and forth from the buffet when I saw what I can only describe as.. oh hell there are no words to describe him.
    A black man with his woman, probably 6'5" 250-260 lbs. Dark skinned but more of a chestnut color. The way he carried himself was very sure and confident. As I watched him walk toward me, I did the typical male thing and 'undressed' him. The very fantasy of what he might be packing, shot a feeling through me that rippled from my midsection to my head and toes and back to the midsection and I then got serious goose flesh just like what happens during an intense, hard cum. I've done it again today, just thinking about him and what he might have been carrying.
    Damn, what a feeling.
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