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    Well... They call me Harry... Horse Hung Harry.
    You see Bubba, there... now, he's MY bitch...
    Now, you're wondering how a guy like me can make Bubba my bitch...
    ... Here's my story.
    It all started about 3 years ago... with Daphne. She was a friend, quite a few years younger than me. She was a college student. FINE body on her, as she was an athlete. Firm, jutting E-cups, overhanging a nice six-pack, and quite the toned legs. I never had the balls to go ask her out, as something more than friends, or drinking buddys. Needless to say, a bottle of tequila later, mixed with plenty of spare time on a late Friday night, she'd mentioned she wanted to roleplay a rape, with a well-hung older guy. I'd promised her I'd find a guy who fit the bill... but, didn't let her know it was me I had in mind. We shared the remaining third-bottle of Tequila, and a bit quickly, too... It hit us hard on an empty stomach. 'Twas one hairy dog... (God, Tequila hangovers usually are the worst) Normally, she would have been able to overpower me, but, since she
    wanted to be tied up before hand for this, she was unable to resist. Lightly gagged, but, gagged none the less, I told her the guy in mind wasn't going to be able to come, but, I'd gladly fill in for him. She was obviously shocked, I'm guessing, she felt betrayed... and surprised as hell that I was as large as I am. She'd never had anyone over 7.5" before, or thicker than 6" girth. My 8.25" x 7.5" was enough to make her panic. I thought it was her eyes lighting up in anticipation... Not thinking too clearly, even with her trying to tell me to stop, and her panicing (I not realising she wasn't roleplaying) I contined to take her, from behind. I had thought her to be a virgin, the way she bled, but, I found out, in court, during my conviction, that she wasn't. I'd apparently damaged her when I savaged her. I definitivly ruined the trust and friendship.

    For that crime, I was given 7 years, less a day. I was 27 at the time, 8 years her senior. The judge took very little time to pronounce me "guilty", and near a day to hand me my sentence. I must register as a sexual offender. No longer will I have a chance to teach in a school, with minors. 8 years of schooling, in education, for naught. One messed up day, with tequila. Well, now, about Bubba... and how I bitched him...
    Bubba, big. tall... strong. 6'8", 440 pounds of brick shithouse.

    Nasty temper, mean streak the size of James Bay. I was lucky not to meet him till my 4th day of incarceration, and piss him off till my first week was over. I heard stories of him. He says he's not gay... We're in jail, so, he's not gay... It doesn't really count in jail... Now, does it? He's in for 46 concurrent life sentences. Rape. Sodomy. Sexual interference. Brutal sexual murders (The police got most of the corpses for most of his victims). He's served 12 years of his sentence, and is due for release soon... Back to my first week. I was the fresh meat on the block. I avoided being noticed for the first 4 days, trouble for the next 3... One week into my sentence, Bubba's passing interest in me became active. He wanted smokes. I was to get him smokes. I'm a non-smoker, and, had no idea how to get them while in jail. Oh... and, I wouldn't share all my lunch with him. I was to have many hungry nights after this, and the guards were to have their nights, and days of entertainment.

    My lessons started early. Bubba, and his viscious streak, were both intimatley introduced to me. I got ambushed, gagged with my own, now torn shirt. Bubba, being a tall man, was also proportionate. I'd guess him to be a good 9" long, but, only as thick as my wrist. I'd say a 6.5" slab of meat. I wasn't given the benefit of lube. Hard, and brutal. He got off, fairly quickly. He likes when his victims struggle, and clamp up. The squirming turns him on, and, invites further sessions. My crying, and squirming set me up for the next 4 years of contstant sodomy. I learned, with a few visits to the infermary, and dentist, how to give a blow-job. Any tooth, I'd have slipped, and fell... Often times, loosing a tooth, or blackening both my eyes, and probably breaking a bone. After about a year and a half, I was able to acclimatize to Bubba ; I became numb to the rapes: I no longer cared, but, was still bitter... I wanted revenge. He'd made me his bitch. Completley. I'd sworn revenge... Sodomy, then forced oral on him. If I didn't comply, I'd be kicked in the jaw, often knocked out, and he'd force himself in me. He got off when I'd gag on his member, with the throat contracting. I was now, able to endure the pain, without squirming too much... Hoping he'd become bored of me, but, the influx of new prisoners was too low... Those who came in after me, have already been released.
    Now, what I did to Bubba, was to give him what he wanted... and more of it than he could handle. One of the beatings was severe enough, that I was actually perscribed narcotics. I managed to sneak, and hide a few percodan, and various other pills. Some, I'd traded for muscle relaxants. Others, well, they were good as gold. One of the days, when I knew I was going to be done, I took the percoda, and muscle relaxants. I traded some of my last pills, for some booze.
    Nasty ass home-brew, but, alcohol, none the less. I was feeling very little
    pain... As Bubba took me, I finally totaly relaxed, took him all the way in... I started rocking, and slamming into him, crushing his hefty balls with my ass. Balls deep, and trying to go deeper... I bucked violently, for over half an hour... smashing my cheeks against his jewels, then clamping my sphincter tight... wrenching him. He apparently has never felt such pain in his life, left crying....MY bitch. I broke his nose that day. Let him know I'd cut him. ... Bad. I'd let him know I'd sodomize himmake him cry, and scream, as he made me and others do.
    My time in here taught me many things... What I did to Daphne was wrong... I had it done to myself. Sex can be a weapon. How to make a grown man cry. There is no justice in the justice system, how to ingore pain, and how awful my own shit tastes. I'm due for parole in about 9 months, and Bubba's here for another 2. I hope never to come back here, once I'm release, but, in the mean time, meat, I run the show here. You answer to me. Don't step on my toes, and I won't step on you.

    *** EDT ***
    Forgot to apologize for pisspoor spelling. I've been up since 10 am the day before yesterday (Friday), and it's 7:30 am today. I may go back to correct later, fix up the story, some? I don't know, at this point. I could REALLY use a bottle of red wine, atm, some tequila, or something else, liquid, and containing ethanol.​
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    Great story Drac!
    I love jailhouse stories.
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