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Jamaican Honeymoon

Discussion in 'Fictitious Stories' started by Korindie, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. Korindie

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    Jul 18, 2020
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    Phoenix (AZ, US)
    This is a fictitious story I wrote for my wife back when we were engaged. I’ve written her several stories and she always loves them but this one is probably her favorite. I might post our other stories eventually. It starts off with us arriving in a Jamaica. Brian has not been permitted sexual intercourse for a year so they could make this moment extra special. Jessica, however, allowed him to please her with toys, his fist and most of all, his tongue.

    Finally, our honeymoon boo” Jessica tells Brian they step into the hotel room in Jamaica. “I know we wanted Hawaii or Japan or Switzerland for our honeymoon, but I’m so excited to be here, we got such a great deal on plane tickets and the resort is all inclusive! I’m going to go change baby as you unpack.” She says blowing Brian a kiss as she dances off in excitement into the bathroom.

    “What do you think boo?” Jessica says stepping out of the bathroom wearing a bikini top that did little more than cover her nipples and the bottoms barely coving the opening to her pussy.

    “Baby! Oh my goodness. I never thought I’d see you wear something like that! I love it!”

    “Well it is our honeymoon boo and I just want to be extra sexy so I can turn you on tonight since it will be the first time you’ve been allowed inside me for over a year and the first time you’ll get to cum in me. Now change into some swim trunks and let’s go down to the beach.”

    “Ok, let’s ask the receptionist where the best beaches are.”

    We went down to the hotel lobby and asked the man at the receptionist desk where the best beaches around were.

    “They’re all good here man! What were you looking for?”

    “You see it’s our honeymoon, so we’d like something that isn’t overly crowded, where we can enjoy the scenery.”

    “I know of just the place! There is a place only locals go, it is beautiful and is never crowded! I don’t usually tell people about it but you two seem like a nice couple! It has a bar right on the beach!”

    He called us a taxi and gave the driver directions. How nice of him! The driver dropped us off in a secluded area mostly covered in giant rocks. There was a little pathway between the rocks and through it you could see the ocean! It was gorgeous. As we walked through the narrow pathway, we noticed the bar he was talking about. There were only about 20 people scattered about the beach. Which was nice because it wasn’t crowded, but what we also noticed was that we were the only ones with clothes on. Everyone was walking around completely naked.

    “This is a nude beach” I told Jessica.

    She had already noticed, I caught her eyes locked on a small group of guys standing about 50 feet away. All 4 of them fit and tone and all four of them with large cocks between their legs. Each one was soft and hung a good 5-6” long. Already bigger than I was when I was hard. Jessica didn’t respond.

    “Baby? Baby!”

    “Oh yes boo? Sorry, I didn’t hear you.”

    “This is a nude beach”

    “Oh, I guess we should get undressed than” she said already untying her top. Her beautiful big breast hung there as she bent down to slide her bottoms off.

    I was hoping she would not have wanted to stay since we had never been to a nude beach but I didn’t say anything and just went with it. After all it was our honeymoon so I joined her and slid down my trunks.

    “I’m going to go to the bar baby. I’ll get us a couple drinks so we can loosen up.”

    I headed over to the bar. It was a older Jamaicanguy. “You’re new here, don’t see too many outsiders here. How’d you find this place?”

    “Oh, I’m on my honeymoon with my wife. We’re staying at the Hilton and the receptionist told us about this little beach.”

    “Honeymoon! Well Congratulations! I’ll have to make you guys a special drink! First one is on the house! What have you two done so far?”

    “Nothing, we just got in this morning, so this is our first stop.”

    “Oh, you have to do a sensual couple’s massage. The Hilton here on the island actually has one of the best, you should check them out.”

    “Thank you! I will. And thank you for the drinks!”

    I hurried back over to Jessica “Baby, at least shut your mouth if you’re going to stare.”

    “Oh my goodness boo, I didn’t even realize my mouth was open. Boo, all the guys are so big!!!”

    “I know baby, we’re in Jamaica.”

    “I know but I just didn’t realize how much bigger they actually were than you. It’s making me so wet, I can’t wait to have you tonight. It will be the first time you’ve been in me in a long time and I’m excited that it’s the first time you’ll get to cum in me.”

    “Me too baby, we’ll have to do it later tonight though.”

    “Why boo, I want you as soon as we get back to the hotel.”

    “The bartender told me that our hotel has couple’s sensual massages. What better way to get even more worked up than having a nice sensual massage together before we make love?”

    “oh boo! That sounds perfect! I’m so excited! Let’s go in the water for a bit!”

    The water was gorgeous! So clear! It was also sooo cold! We swam and splashed around a little bit and decided to head back up to we left our clothes.”

    As we got out of the water Jessica looked at me “boo! Its so small now! The water made your penis and balls nearly disappear! I didn’t know the water would make that much of a difference.”

    “I’m not the only one the water made a difference, your nibbles are hard as rocks right now. Can’t wait to have them in my mouth tonight.”

    “mmm… me too boo.”

    Just as we were done talking one of the guys came up to us. “Hey man!” he said in his Jamaican accent. We were going to get a volleyball game going but we need 2 more players. Would you care to join us?”

    “Sure!” Jessica said without hesitation.

    We played with them for the next 30 min. Neither of us did very well, I was so busy watching Jessica’s big tits bouncing as she jumped around. She was so fixated on all the big Jamaican dicks. I think the alcohol was starting to get her because she wasn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

    After the game we were tired out, and decided we should head back so we could get ready for our massages.

    We got back to the hotel and I called and scheduled our massages. They only had one slot available for couples and I managed to get it, but we had to hurry, we quickly rinsed off. I started sucking Jessica’s nipples but she stopped me “mmm, you’re making me so wet baby, but not yet, we got to hurry, you can have me after.”

    We went down stairs and the receptionist showed us where the massages rooms were.

    Our masseuse came in. One was a guy completely chiseled. He was about 6’4, dark black skin, had his dreads pulled back in a ponytail. His abs had absolutely no fat on them and his arms chest and shoulders matched his abdomen. He was wearing nothing but a loin cloth covering his privates and his butt. The other one was a heavier set woman. She was about 6’2 and wore a white dress out of the same material as the man’s loin cloth. They led us into conjoining rooms. There was a wall between the two rooms and a doorway that was covered by drape. “Ok” the lady said. “We have rules about how we do things here. This is about you guys and we want to make it as pleasurable as possible. We use a variety of massage techniques from different styles of massage. If you’d like us to go harder or deeper, let us know, same goes for if you want us to slow it down of go faster. Just relax and enjoy yourselves. I will take Brian and he will take Jessica.”

    “Are we going to be in separate rooms?” I asked.

    “Yes, it adds to the sensuality when you can hear your partner enjoying their massage, but you can’t physically see them or touch them. Please strip down naked and let’s begin.”

    After we were both undressed, we went into our separate rooms. I laid down and she began to give me my massage. It felt so nice. It was perfect, not too deep, not too soft. Very relaxing. The oils she used were nice and warm which added to the enjoyment of the massage. She started at my shoulders and moved down my back eventually reaching my legs.

    In the other room, Jessica was lying there, face down. Her masseuse rubbed the warm oil on her back. “remember he said, this is about you, if you would like it harder or deeper, let me know.” He said in his deep Jamaican voice.

    “mmm” Jessica moaned as he worked his was down her back. He got to her ass. She let out a gasp as his big hands completely palmed each of her ass cheeks. He grabbed it firm, jiggled it a bit, then began to vigorously massage her ass. He did this for about 5 min. Jessica could feel her pussy began to get moist. “mmm, I want you to focus more on my front side.” She said as she rolled onto her back. “Here, start here.” She said as she grabbed his hands and planted them on her huge tits. He jiggled them in his hands and began to massage them. As his fingers grazed her nipples she cried out “there, right there!” He began to focus on the nipples. Jessica’s nipples quickly became hard. She could feel her juices leaking out. Her masseuse was standing by her head, reaching over the top of her, Jessica opened her eyes and saw that his massive dick was swinging back and forth, right above his head under the loin cloth. It was HUGE. Easily 8” long and not even hard yet, and thick too! Easily as thick as her wrist. She grabbed his hands and slid them down her belly to her hips. This caused him to have to lean over her more, and put his dick directly over her mouth. She couldn’t help herself. She grabbed it with both hands and began jerk it off as she pulled it down into her mouth. It was so big, she could barely fit it in her mouth. She began to suck it furiously. She felt one of his thick fingers enter her soaked pussy. His finger was as long and thick as Brian’s penis. He added another, then another. He began to furiously finger fuck her as she sucked down more of his massive cock. It was then that she felt her first orgasm and her body quivered and shook. She let out loud muffled moans, only muffled because his massive did was still in her throat. His dick kept growing however, getting so big that she wasn’t able to fit it in her mouth. He walked over to the edge of the table, and laid his dick on top of her. It reached all the way from her pussy to past her belly button. He then pulled it back and rubbed his big mushroom head against her clit, sending shivers up her entire body. He lined it up with her pussy and with one push, slid it balls deep into her soaked pussy. “Ohhhh!!!” she screamed.

    It was just then that Brian lifted his head. He could hear sounds from the other room before, but he couldn’t quite make out what they were.

    “relax” said the masseuse.

    “I just want to make sure she is ok.”

    “it’s not uncommon for people to moan or scream from these massages. If you want, I can go harder and you’ll probably be screaming too.”

    “no, no, I’m good, it feels good.”

    “ok, then just lay back and relax and let me take care of you.”

    Back in Jessica’s room, the masseuse had taken charge, he began to pound her pussy furiously. He grabbed her by the throat as he slammed his massive cock into her. It turned Jessica on when he pulled almost all the way out, she could see his long shaft disappearing. She could see his muscles and abs flexing. A strand of sweat dripped off his chest and landed on his abs and followed the path of the separation of his abs.

    “DEEPER!!!” Jessica screamed. “I need it sooooo much deeper!” She could feel herself getting close. OOOOOOOHHHHHH. She screamed as her body shook again, this time from an even stronger orgasm than before. His cock was about the same size as her biggest dildo (which was also her favorite) and she had heard how the real thing felt better than toys, but she had no clue it could be by this much! Just then he pulled his big cock out leaving a gapping hole. If her pussy wasn’t already stretched too much for her to feel Brian before having this massive cock in her, it most certainly was now. There was no going back at this point, she knew the chance of ever coming like this again was small. He grabbed her by the waist and lifted her up in the air. Then he lowered her down, impaling her with his hard cock. Her feet were dangling. It was so big and powerful, it could hold her up without support. He began to slide her up and down on his cock, she wrapped her legs around him so she could help go even faster. Her tits were bouncing up and down as he pounded her. He leaned her forward slightly and held on to her waist as he pounded her with insane force and speed. Her upper body in the air as he held tightly onto her waist sliding her back and forth with extreme rhythm and speed. “Oh yea! That’s it! That’s what I needed. I’ve been needing this for so long! I never knew what I was missing.” She could feel it happening again. She came for a third time, she could feel her body getting weak. But he wasn’t done yet, as she was coming, he spun her around, dick still inside her slamming her face and chest into the massage table. He began to pound her harder and harder. It was soooo DEEP. His cock was touching her innermost parts. Parts no one had ever touched before. He was claiming that pussy, reshaping it for himself. With each thrust, his balls slapped her clit, giving her even more pleasure.

    Back in the other room, Brian had taken notice to the increased noise and screams and moans of his wife. He lifted his head back up. Right then he felt a sharp pain in his back. “OOOOHHH” he yelled.

    “See said the massage therapist, If I increase the pressure, you’re moaning too.” Just sounds like she enjoys it SUPER deep!”

    Brian laid his head back down, feeling slightly better, but was still concerned about what was going on in the other room.

    Jessica could feel it happening again. She was about to cum again! The sensation of the huge dick stretching her out, filling her deep and his balls slamming against her clit were too much. Right before she came she felt something. His cock started pulsating. Then she felt it swell up, and she felt a hot shot of warm cum shoot deep in her womb. The pressure of his orgasm sent her over the top and she began to cum too. She felt something else suddenly, she felt like she had an urge to pee. All of a sudden, she began squirting uncontrollably. He continued to shoot another 9 or 10 times deep in her as she was still squirting, squeezing his dick with her pussy. It felt sooo amazing. He pulled out. Her gapping pussy was so open. Nothing was dripping out because the cum was so deep inside her. Her orgasm continued, her eyes rolled back into her head, she convulsed as if she were having a seizure.

    Finally, she laid there. In a daze. Feeling as if she couldn’t move.

    After Jessica could move, she got up. She stumbled a little bit. It was hard to walk. It felt like she was drunk and tired all at the same time. Brian was just getting his clothes on when she came into the room.

    “How was it baby.”

    “Oh my goodness boo, it was the best massage I’ve ever had, how was yours?”

    “It was ok, I had a hard time relaxing because I could hear you and was so worried you were hurt.”

    “Oh boo, I’m sorry. It was just so relaxing and felt so good.”

    “Well that’s good, I feel better now knowing you loved it.”

    “I did boo! Thank you for booking it. I know, I feel bad that you were so focused on me, lets do it again tomorrow and this time you can enjoy yourself knowing that my moans and screams are me relaxing.”

    “Are you sure baby? We don’t have to.”

    “Yes boo! I really want to! It will be fun.”

    After they booked it, they went back up to their floor in the hotel. “Baby, I can’t wait to have you now!”

    “Ahh boo, I’m sooo exhausted now, how about you just lick me clean, I’d love that.”

    As she laid back on the bed and spread her legs, her pussy opened up with them.

    “Wow baby! I have never seen you so open for daddy.”

    “I know you like it like that boo, so I’ve been practicing a lot for you.”

    As Brian began to lick her pussy, she felt more and more relaxed. It felt good, but couldn’t compare to what she just had. “Use your hand boo.”

    “we didn’t bring any lube with us.”

    “don’t worry, I’m extra wet, that massage got me ready for this.”

    Brian entered his whole hand in with little resistance. It went about to mid forearm. It was SOO wet! He had never felt her this wet, and this was not even with lube! He licked her clean and pounded her pussy with his hand and arm until she came and she quickly passed out afterwards.

    The next day Brian and Jessica did some sightseeing, and with it came a lot of walking. As they got back to the hotel room Jessica said she wanted to take a nap before their massages. Brian asked if he could be in her and she said after the massage.

    “But last time you were too warn out.”

    “I’m so warn out right now from all the walking.”

    “I haven’t came in a long time, it will be quick.”

    “ok, boo, you can enjoy my body but I’ll need you to lick me and fist me again tonight.”

    “you got it.”

    She laid on her back, opened her legs to expose her now permanently gapped pussy. Brian stuck his penis in and could barely feel the sides. He could easily move it from wall to wall without touching the other sides. Even though he couldn’t feel much, the looseness of her pussy turned him on and the fact that he hadn’t cum in months made him come after only a minute of thrusting. He pulled out laid next to Jessica.

    “aren’t you going to finish?”

    “I did.”

    Jessica hadn’t realized it, last night was the first cock to ever cum in her and this was nothing like the night before, she felt no pulsing of the cock, she felt no explosion of semen shooting deeper into her. It only made her even more excited for tonight.

    That evening they went back. It was a repeat of the night before except Brian was able to relax since he knew Jessica was enjoying herself. She moaned more and louder tonight than she did before. The biggest turn on of the night was the first time masseuse entered her, she told him to pull it out because she wanted to see it. He did and Jessica pulled back the foreskin and wrapped around the ridge of the glans of his huge cock was a little white substance, It was the load that Brian had left in her a couple hours earlier. It had all been pulled out by the superior cock. She wrapped her fingers around the head of his massive cock and wiped her husbands seed off of it. “I want you feel my womb up again with your seed.” After about 5 orgasms for Jessica including squirting again, he did just what she asked and filled her up with his seed.

    The last few days Jessica decided to get solo massages while Brian did a few other activities the hotel offered. They did plenty together, but Jessica made sure that she got her massage in every day. When they got back home, Jessica noticed that her period hadn’t started. She took a home pregnancy test.
  2. B_er

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    Oct 19, 2013
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    you are a really good writer, i hope you will write more
  3. bonerjams03

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    Virginia (US)
    Loved it! Anyone else ready "Jamaican honeymoon" in Linda Belcher's voice?
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  4. Korindie

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    Jul 18, 2020
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    Phoenix (AZ, US)
    Thanks, I have a few more that I wrote that I will try and get up in the next week or so. And I have two that I am working on right now.
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