Janet gets revenge!!!

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    bigdick04: there once was as woman named janet. Janet was one of those people who was a good person but people didn't find her attractive and they always made fun of her. well one day janet found a bottle and she uncorked it and out popped this gorgeous man whose name was Javier. he said he could grant her as many wishes as she wanted.

           Janet decides to get back at the two people who make fun of her the most, David and Fran. David is this guy who she thought was very sexy and she had heard that he had a big penis. So for her first wish she decides to make this man pay for everything he had done to her, first she wishs for him to become obesely fat and Javier granted it, then she decided to hit him where it hurts she wished that his penis shrank to the size of an infants. She also wished that the only sex he wanted was with men.

    All of a sudden while David is in the shower j/o, he begins to see his penis start to shrink.It is a complete shock to him as he watches his formerly large dick and balls shrink down to the size of an infant.  And while his dick was shrinking he began to notice that he was becoming fat. He then started crying. Then all of a sudden he felt this urge to suck a man's penis. He gets out of the shower and turns on the T.V. and he sees this hot guy and he begins to want to suck his dick. And then he starts to masterbate to this guy. And he doesn't know why?

    Then she decided to hit Fran. First of all Fran was always bragging about how sexy she was and how physically fit she was. So Janet wished for Fran to become very unattractive, first she wished for her to become really, really fat.

    Fran was at home getting ready to go to a club when all of a sudden she began to get really fat. And she was screaming as she saw the buttons popping off her shirt as she began to get fatter. Then she looked in the mirror and to her shock she was ugly and she looked like a man she even had hair on her face.

    Finally, Janet decides to make wishes to change herself. Her first wish was to become the most beautiful women in the world, she wanted to be the looking women ever.  And poof she was drop-dead gorgeous. Then she wishes for a man, with the penis the size of a bull and balls the size of a bulls. Then poof this naked man appeared with abnormally sized genitals. The genie then asks her to great him one wish and she could control him for the rest of her life. He asked her to suck his dick. She agreed. So she slowly unbuttoned his pants and out popped his large dick.  She began to slowly lick the tip of it and then she puts in her mouth and begins to pleasure the genie.  After about 10 minutes the genie begins to start moaning and his balls start to tighten and then he release cum that has been locked up for thousands of years. It seemed like him came for an hour. After she was done. The genie thanked her and said any time she needed him just to say his name.  

    After he left Janet decides to try out her knew man.....
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