JASON LO and Nick Bartzen of "The Conrad Boys" movie

Discussion in 'Models and Celebrities' started by silvertriumph2, Aug 27, 2008.

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    Today, I stayed home because of a real bummer of an awful summer
    cold. Nothing to do but watch TV, visit lpsg, eat, and sleep.

    I had seen the TV movie, "The Conrad Boys"before, but in
    mixed company (some were family). I am still in the closet as a BI,
    and so, at the time, acted indifferent to the gay theme..:redface:

    Since I was now viewing it alone, I was more able to enjoy it and was
    this time more aware of two of the actors. One was the star as well
    as the director, a young part asian by the name of Jason Lo.
    The other was his love interest by the name of Nick Bartzen.

    I usually prefer older guys, but Jason Lo really had me wanting
    to do some cuddling and suggling!!! He is a real cutie! A few more
    years.....and wow!!!

    Nick Bartzen, well, I could have done a lot more than cuddle and snuggle
    with him. Awesome guy with a sexy smile!

    I have tried to fine pics of them both, but came up empty except for a
    few promos.

    Have any of you seen the movie, and if so, what do you think?
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