Jealousy? Confusion? Overwhlemed...

Discussion in 'Relationships, Discrimination, and Jealousy' started by cocacolaman, Sep 9, 2010.

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    Ok. This is complex. I have a few best friends I have known for a while and from crazy parties, sports team locker rooms, and well consistent stories from girls (and girls throwing themselves at them like they are in heat)... I know that all of my friends have really big "junk". They all wear magnums and I know it is not just for the look... It makes me really insecure because my junk is not small, it is between 7 - 7 3/4 inches depending on how erect I am but it is skinnier than theirs (5 - 5.5) and girls always tell me that is what matters. Also my junk is not big when it is soft... So when girls want to get going I have to get hard first and I know for a fact all of my friends could probably be soft and still do work. I guess it just sucks knowing that all of my friends can satisfy someone better than I can? I don't know what my question is really.. I know "Confidence is sexy" at the end of the day and yada yada but, it makes me really insecure still. I have never had a complaint and it doesnt make me scared to have sex at all and I still act confidently... I guess in the back of my mind it is just always there. Like usually I satisfy the girl I am with before I finish, but I guess on those nights where I finish first and then have to wait to get hard again to finish her off is when I really hate it.There is nothing I can do about it... I know that. I just hate that all my friends are so "blessed"? Because I mean when a girl is getting satisfied like that she is not afraid at all to share.

    I guess here is my issue... I feel like I am in a horrible middle. No one has ever complained about my size or performance ever, but then again no one has ever been at that like jungle fever status where I see girls at with my friends. I know I sound horribly unappreciative and that makes me feel even worse that I do not enjoy being me I guess? But I love my friends and I don't hate them and I do not blame them for anything I don't hate girls because I love seeing really hot girls just as much as they like seeing big dicks... I don't know what to think or how to make sense of this position I am in.
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    your good.
    they might not be all that much bigger than you.and confidence durring the act,can actually beat out size.take it from me,not every woman wants a huge one,sometimes they talk alot of shit just to seem cool or get attention.
    if you still keep getting sex,don't sweat the small must be doing something right.
    and oh yeah........DON'T SWEAT THE NEXT MAN'S DICK!!!!! it will destroy you mentally! i've been there too...but that's another!!!
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    Just because the guys are bigger than you, remember that this doesn't make you small. Your cock seems neither thin nor short. My vibrator is only 4.5 inches in girth and it stretches me out. But I can take thinner and thicker with similar joyous orgasmic results. As a woman, we don't have automatic measuring equipment in our pussies, so pretty much most cocks feel pretty damn good! At least to me.
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