Jeff Ashton, has some legal issues..

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    As much as we hope our kids will "do us proud ", sometimes they get side-tracked and do exactly what we'd taught them not to do.
    Ashton was in court defending 2 of his kids. Son for drunk driving ( think it was 2x limit) and daughter , something about her license, no license ?

    Casey Anthony: Jeff Ashton loses again – The TV Guy – Orlando Sentinel

    And not as much about his daughter ,

    Jeff Ashton to defend daughter in traffic citation case |

    It has to be difficult on both sides. As a kid you have the added scrutiny, and most kids get into maybe one small scrap. Usually learn from that. But if mom or dad is in the public eye, nothing is private. I'd also think that in some cases these kids might pay even more if some would like to make it personal and attack parents via the children.
    Likewise for the public figure. They have no control over what the child/teen does .
    Could be the perfect child, but one day they happen to hang with the wrong kids, and there you are, guilt by association.

    Could go the other way, some kids might get preferential treatment from mom and dads friends.
    I wouldn't wants to live in a fish bowl like that, I'll take my privacy.

    Sorry if this has already been posted
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