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    As promised from my last post on Jelqin, I'm enclosing a few photographs and a video of me doing my Jelqin technique. It's been about one week now since I started and I've noticed big changes in the circumference of my penis. I was surprised how much thicker actually, it came as a nice shock. I'm now around 6.5" around my shaft. No increase in Length I don't think, still around 7". My penis feels different in my hands, nicer to hold, heavier and thicker. If your into jelqin or other PE please drop me a line or make a comment on here.


    I'm enclosing some photo's for you taken today 18 June 2008.

    Image 0.. I've shown how I warm up my flacid penis with the novel way of filling an old sock with rice and then heating up in a microwave. very affective, microwave for about 1 min on high.

    Image 1...This is my flacid penis taken before I started the technique, I loved the big veins but they are less now for some reason when flacid.

    Image 2.....The new look flacid penis after 1 week of doing jelqin.

    Image 4..... Bringing up the slow stroke to the head, notice how engorged with blood the head gets. See the video link enclosed to get a nicer image of the big head and foreskin roll.

    Image 5.... My pumped up penis in a semi pose resting. Notice how much thicker the shaft is if you relate it to my other photo's on LPSG.

    Here's the link to a short video I took, I posted the video onto my Xtube account, the link should take you there. if it doesn't give it bit longer as as I write it may be still being converted for their site.



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