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    Hi everyone,

    The reason I'm here again is to ask a question about 'jelquing'.
    Been doing it for about 3 weeks now, so far haven't missed a day. I have adapted a 'style' of doing it thats comfortable for me and wanted opinions if I am doing it in a correct way that will achieve results. I use both hands, making the index finger/thumb OK sign with both hands. I apply body oil or moistureiser to both hands and my cock and balls. I then do about 20-30 'warm up' strokes, just pulling very gently on my cock and not pulling too hard, more like just a gentle massage. I do one hand over the other, ie, I grip the base of my cock with my right hand and pull gently towards the tip, and as my right hand reaches the tip my left hand then grips the base and does the same then I repeat with the right hand. After the 20-30 'warm ups' I then begin to pull/stretch harder with each right hand stroke only followed by a gentle left hand stroke keeping the left hand stroke as more of a 'massage' type stoke, I only count the right hand stroke as 1 'rep' and I'm up to 100 reps each day, more some days as I feel my cock can take it
    What I'm noticing is a 'feeling' around the base of my cock where it meets my balls/body. It feels like a very low 'soreness', not too uncomfortable and not TOO sore but the feeling seems to be confined to that area of my cock and not along the whole length which make me think that maybe I'm doing it wrong.
    I usually get about 50% - 60% erect when doing it. When semi erect my cock feels thicker in the middle than at the base or tip so I have to release a bit of pressure to get past this and then try to re-apply the same ammount of pressure all the way to the tip on the assumption that the pressure of each 'jelq' should be equal from base to tip . I'm wondering if this release of pressure is what is causing the 'feeling' and confining it to the base of my cock ONLY, the rest of my cock does not get this 'feeling'.
    Should I be getting this feeling equally all along my cock?
    That would make more sense to me as I would assume that the 'feeling' is due to the stretching and the penis tissue reparing itself or recovering.
    Does anybody else have this sensation? Can anyone who has done this for longer than me tell me if I am using the technique incorrectly.
    I dont know wether it's just me but I do seem to notice a small improvement in the state of my cock when flaccid after just 3 weeks but none at all when I am in the pump, ( see my previous post ), my flaccid cock SEEMS to be slightly larger but also feels more 'spongy' ie, not the way it felt before I started to jelq.
    Could this just be some minor swelling due to the jelquing?
    Overall my cock doesn't feel sore at all, I don't have the impression that I am overdoing it, hence my earlier statement that some days I have done up to 200 reps.
    Cheers guys, would appreciate your comments on my technique and the feeling at the base of my cock.
    Have you had the same thing? Is it a sign that I should do less at this stage?

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