Jerking in Bathroom Cubicles

Discussion in 'Sex With a Large Penis' started by johnsmithrainbow, Dec 5, 2010.

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    The other day, I was at the mall and went to use the bathroom, and I noticed there were a couple holes in the dividers for the stalls, so I put the lid down and sat on the toilet and took a look through the holes....

    I saw guys pulling their dicks out and taking a piss, when they would come in. It was a rush (though I knew it was kinda wrong)

    Then! a guy came in pulled his pants down, whipped out his large dick and started jerking... WOW

    then he leaned in and started looking back into the hole, well i didn't do anything i watched him for a little while, then left...

    the next day when I went back to the same bathroom, the holes were sealed up

    Any thoughts on that?
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    I've watched guys pissing and jerking off that way too. It can be a turn on sometimes. I think it's mostly guys who just enjoy being watched. I don't think there's anything wrong with it just be careful no one leaves and reports you. In the US that can probably be a reason to be arrested. In Prague, the police would just throw you out of the bathroom.
  3. D_Phil_R_Upp

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    That's been around for years, John. Cruising in public men's rooms is how I got started when I was in college, a little before the Internet, etc. came on the scene.

    It's fun and thrilling but can also be risky - both STD wise and getting arrested, etc.

    There are guys who jack at the urinals together, and guys who cruise in the stalls (ie the Larry Craig thing). I was always a stall cruiser and would try to get the person interested in play to come to my stall and stand up in front of me while I blew him.

    But many malls and places like this are way more aware of it now. It's the curse of sites like Cruising for Sex - they became so successful that they actually made most of the cruising spots harder to check out.

    You can still watch and have fun, I think and as long as you're being careful it should be OK. But if staff is in and out of there often watch out. There's a spot like that in Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and I was always trying to just watch some smoking hot professional guys piss or jack at the urinals. But they always seem to have a staff member in there now, so nuthin' is going on these days!
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