John Edwards Packin'!

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    Gawker reports today that John "Baby Daddy" Edwards made a sex tape with his German filmmaker mistress. According to those that have seen the video, Edwards is rocking a monster.

    John Edwards and Rielle Hunter made a sex tape that contains "several sex acts." And that his aide, Andrew Young found it on an unmarked DVD. The tape, say sources, is explicit and reveals that Edwards "is physically very striking, in a certain area. Everyone who sees it says 'whoa'. She's behind the camera at first." When rumors of the affair first broke Young was so loyal to Edwards that he pretended that he was the father of Hunter's daughter Frances Quinn, now 2. But part of Young's disillusionment with the 2004 vice presidential candidate and 2008 candidate came one day as he went through a stack of DVDs at Rielle Hunter's house.

    Well, the source is the Gawker. But isn't that what 'Mericuh is all about? :smile:

    Gawker — Gossip from Manhattan and the Beltway to Hollywood and the Valley

    I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see! I wanna see!

    Whoops! Didn't see the earlier post. Mea culpa.
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