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    Jul 8, 2009
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    Not a sexual joke, but this one always makes me laugh. It is a blonde joke, however, so if you don't like them, don't read it.

    A blonde buys a brand new Camaro and drives out of the car dealership. Right away, she cuts off a guy driving a semi. The guy gets very pissed and manages to pull her over.

    Taking the blonde out of the car, he makes a circle in the dirt and tells the blonde to stand in the circle and that she better not move.

    The driver takes a bat and bashes all of the lights on the Camaro. He turns around and sees the blonde giggling.

    "Oh, you think that's funny?" he asks. He then used the bat and smashes all of the windows on the Camaro. After turning around, he sees the blonde giggling again.

    Enfuriated, the driver takes a gas can, pours it on the Camaro and sets it on fire. He once again turns around and sees the blonde laughing.

    "I just destroyed your car!" he yells. "What could be so funny?"

    The blonde replies, "Each time you turned your back, I stepped out of the circle."
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