Jordan Michael's Random Thoughts - episode 1

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    so mi madre is always telling me, "Roberto, you shouldn't be eating dey chinese food so early in the morning" "No bueno, eat some breakfast instead, aye cabron!" She then takes it away from me and starts a cookin'

    So I pause to actually contemplate this for a moment (jew' know, in my head so I don't catch a smack)... Que es difference between my first choice and a big plate of a 3-egg fried omelet, pancakes, bacon, sausage, buttered toast and home fries? Isn't that just as bad for me, with equal amount of grease, carbs and fat? How does one get you ready for the dia, but the other is so horroroso? Both meals give me stomach aches and gas...send me to el cuarto de bano something mean while I am scratching my cabeza!

    to be continued...tune in next time for more Random Thoughts.
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