Judging by a books cover...any others done that?

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    Story to share, others can chime in and tell of a surprise, good or bad, about pre-judging someone only to find out sooner or later that we were wrong, or right!

    Look forward to reading some others...

    My story of enlightenment goes like this: (and it is true, so no need to troll me)

    I will try to keep it short.

    I was in Europe on business and traveling on a train. I wanted to train the last leg of my journey because I had to go from northern Italy into Germany and the way to go is either over or through the Alps. I have flown over them many times, so I was excited about seeing them from the ground.
    It would be more or less a whole days journey with two train exchanges. I started in Milano, a wonderful piece of artistic architecture with interesting steel work. While waiting in the train station I noticed a stunning, honest to god solidly amazingly beautiful young woman. She was 27 and about 5'7" or slightly taller. Long blond curly hair and even longer legs. She was dressed as a lot of attractive women on Europe are, tight jeans and revealing clothing. She was wearing brown boots that went just to her knees. She was sporting some very large sunglasses, they were dark and she had one small bag. I recall thinking to myself that she looked like she was upset about something. I imagined a fight with a lover. Then of course I imagined her naked and slobbering all over my throbbing, well, you know, we all think that way sooner or later.
    I laughed at myself, why? Because I knew if she was on my train I was going to engage her. I wold let her on the train first so I could see where she was going to sit. I generally can get a great many women I try to. I am in my late 30's now and in shape, told often by women, and men, of my looks, but more important than any of that, is that I am confident and not intimidated by any woman or man. I have traveled the world many times and speak various languages and remain simple and humble, so I can speak on anyones level.
    Within minutes I can tell if I am waisting my time with someone.

    The train began to board, and sure enough, she was getting on my train. She was in the line to get on the care behind mine. I did not look in her direction much, most everyone else was doing that anyway.
    As I began to get aboard I noticed another young lady, damn near the complete opposite of the long legged blond. A smaller woman, perhaps 5'3" and dark hair. The most beautiful skin a woman could be blessed with. She almost glowed, same with her jet black midnight in a dark room hair. Great shine in her straight black hair that was just past her shoulders.
    She was having trouble getting her bag around a sharp corner up from the last step aboard. I moved past the young man in front of me to help her, saying pardon me in an American accent. I did not care if it was her BF, he should have moved to help her. I am always a gentleman and never miss opening a door for a lady whether she be 12, 18 or 88 years young, same here to help this young woman.
    I stepped past and up into the train and as I approached her I simply said, "let me" or something to that affect. She was bent over and looked first at her eye level, which I caught and allowed with no shame. I was slightly engorged and very visible through my jeans. I had been thinking of the blond chocking on my girth. :wink:
    She noticed it and also seemed to have no shame. She got an eye full and then looking up at me as she was standing up and I bending over to grab the handle of her heavy soft bag that had no wheels. I picked it up and smiled at her and said, " where to?" She smiled very large back at me and again, I was impressed with her genetics she was graced with, white and very straight teeth that were set off by the color of her skin and a beautiful face framed by the blackest hair.
    This is where my mistake started. I thought her nose was a little too big for her delicate features, I know, so please don't flame me over it. I am ashamed, we all learn, or we should.
    As she lead the way I also thought to myself she carried about maybe 10 pounds too many, no more than that, but more than I would like, I can be a pig, but I learn! lol
    We were headed to the car where the blond got on. I thought, this is great, I do not look like I am alone to the blond.
    What luck, my little crotch-watcher was leading me straight to the bond I wanted to bend over. :biggrin1:
    For the record, the darker shorter lady was from Greece and the tall blond was from northern Italy.
    As we progressed though the car I seen the blond already sitting, I could see the top of her head over the back of the seat facing away from us. The greek lady stopped two seat short of the blond Italian. She said this was her seat. I stuffed her bag over head and decided I would walk on past them both to the WR (restroom) on our car. I asked the greek to please excuse me and I seen in her face disappointment. Seen it right away. normally I would have been all over her for company on the trip. She was indeed beautiful and I would even sleep with her but for the blond I had my eye on. So, I dismissed myself and walked on. I got to the WR and seen the next car was booked full and people were coming into ours. Damn, I thought I better get back to get a seat. So I turned and walked back.
    There was one seat left near the blond and don't you know the greek was standing up looking at me, and she had two seat left next to her. She smiled when she seen me coming back and I returned the gesture and just then I decided to diss the blond if only because every other man alive would have went and taken that seat across from this long legged blond Italian super model looks woman that has spent most of her life being desired by men and women alike. I passed her up and went to sit with the greek.
    Turns out she was on a short holiday, she was 25 years old, just old enough to start acting like a woman, and seriously bi-sexual. She recently graduated college and could not find a job. I hinted that I could use a translator for the remainder of my trip. She asked where I was headed and I told her to a fun place, Greece! However, we both knew we were both headed to Deutchland, Germany, and we started talking in German and then I switched to Italian, and without skipping a beat so to did she. This of all things got the blond Italian's attention, she turned around and looked at me, I smiled at her and she looked away and stood up from her seat. Keep in mind I am the only one that had yet to pay attention to her, as far as she knew anyway. When she stood she pulled her pants up, which was way too obvious as they were spray painted on and hardly were falling down. She pulled them right up the crack of her ass, it was lovely. She turned back at me and I was not looking at her anymore and only noticed that from my peripheral vision. She walked on to the WR.
    We had been traveling about a half hour or more at this point.
    Her boots made some noise and got attention as she walked down the center of the car.
    She came back shortly thereafter, and I did not look up. I was still thinking of how to make a move from the greek to the Italian. Shame huh? After all this little greek had all the signs of an easy catch.

    I had three days left, two once I arrived in Frankfurt, and I had plans to have fun.
    We spoke of disco and dancing and of food and of relationships. We spoke of cars and travel and of people. We spoke of lovers and sex positions. We spoke of memories and dreams for the future and we did it all in 3.5 hours and in three languages. She taught me a little greek, and I taught her a little about America where she wanted to travel to some day.

    We arrived in Munich and we got off to switch trains. We had a lay over of some short time, enough to eat. So we stood to get off the train.
    When I stood up again, she bent over to get her purse while I pulled her bag down for her. I did this hoping she would look down at my crotch. I had a cock ring on and I was very obviously visible to anyone who cared to look. She did, and this time she looked up at me from her stooped over position and smiled up at me while I had both arms above me and my hands on her bag.
    Her smile was beautiful and it was a foot away from my cock. Her lips were so close I thought. I smiled back like one would smile when you were to deliver bad news, she caught it and understood my meaning.

    I was not going to sleep with her but so easily could, she was all over the idea and was giving signals the whole time.
    I was still thinking of the blond, dumb-ass I was.

    45 minutes later I was running to get to the other train after grabbing a small bite to eat, you should have seen the girl working at the deli! lol.

    I get on the car closest to me and start moving through the cars. It is later now and the train heading from Munich to Stuttgart and on to Frankfurt was no where nearly as crowded.
    I seen the blonds hair above some seats just as before and this time in a first class car with air conditioning, it was summer and it was humid and hot out.
    As I came upon the blond I noticed the greek sitting with her!!! They were laughing and drinking a little vino, perfect, I could go for a little merlot. So, like old friends, we smiled at one another and in the ensuing hours, in vino veritas!
    It would turn out that they were traveling together and the Greek had noticed me at the train station in Milano while I was noticing the blond.

    The blond Italian finally said to me, "so, why do you not want my girlfriend?" To which I smiled and then pulled the little greek into my lap.

    As it turned out I did get with the little greek and it was a remarkable time. She admitted she got the fucking of her life, I fucked her her that night four times and a total of over two hours of pure carnal delights. She was limping when I finished with her and I think I lost 10 pounds of sweat from me, her too!

    She proved to be a remarkable lover of great stamina and a little size queen who admitted she noticed the bulge in my pants when I was sitting and reading my paper well before I noticed the blond. They spoke to one another about me and made a bet about where I was from. Neither one won the bet.

    I left her thinking all Americans were large and loved to wear women out, especially greeks!

    Little vixens those two were.
    Never judge a book by its cover.
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    I think the best part was when you called yourself "simple and humble". That's when I realised it was a comedy.
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    So it took 3.5 hours from Milan to Munich.
    I hope the train had inertial dampers, otherwise getting to warp 6 could have been unpleasant.
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