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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Mensch1351, Nov 5, 2008.

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    A long long time ago someone once said to me: Just how MANY people in America does it take to make a majority? NOW that we are 300,000,000 strong that figure would be ---- "150,000,000" Think about it --- 150 million +1. So my point is simpy --- We have been a nation of minorities for a very long time! One of the FEW things you can truly say about us is that more than 1/2 of us (a majority) are "female" --- apart from that, we are a great conglomeration of the MOST diverse collection of whatever label you can put on "some" of us.

    This election simply allows us to admit that a nation as diverse as we are, rarely with a "majority" opinion about anything, must learn to embrace our diversity not shy away from it or apologize for it. We can LEARN to BEAR our minority labels without it always being at the "expense" of or diminishing of whatever labels we may apply to others. Conservatives NEED Liberals in order to appreciate the balance of perspectives we offer each other (for the dangers are always in the extremists). Whites need Blacks and Hispanics to understand that culturally we share a richness and truly blend as Americans into a "new" Culture unlike any on the face of the earth. Gays need straights in order to appreciate that we are basically "sexual" beings whether we attach "hetero" or "homo" as the prefix to our identity! And on and on and on!

    But the ONE label we CAN apply to all of us is that we are Americans: proud, determined, passionate, compassionate, patriotic, and above all "powerful" when we find our collective voice.

    I pray that our nation will continue the journey of learning how to celebrate our diversity as a path to understanding our unity!! I think our Founding Fathers would be proud of the nation we are still in the process of becoming!
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    you can be your country's next President

    good luck to you and to your country
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