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    Jul 14, 2005
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    This is just an honest experience that I had a few months back. Maybe you will search back into your memory, or imagination...who knows.

    I haven't had sex in a while. The guy I was (and still am) dating is this lovely huge man. He's 6'2, full of muscle, gorgeous eyes, and well hung. The first time we really had sex, I mean not those attempts of him to get it in me, but when we *really* had sex, went something like this.
    I had just finished taking a shower and was running around in my bathrobe, cooking or cleaning or something. He came over to drop something off I believe. Talking to his buddy on his cell phone, bla bla, something something. "Come here", he said, pulling at the strings of my robe. He supported me as he pulled me on to the bed, so we could just lie there together. He spooned me and kissed my neck. I was getting hot...and I was half naked...

    I heard him pull off his pants and I was about to protest when he said "Shhh, I just want to lie down with you". We had to go pick up some food before going to visit our friends. Of course I knew it was gonna lead elsewhere...
    His hands traced my curves and he slid his cock between my thighs, so it was just resting there. I could feel its length with my lips and I started to move a little. I wanted some of that wetness to reach him so he could feel me...and how I wanted him. I moaned a little. He reached over and cupped my full breast in one hand pressed down on my abdomen with the other, making me arch a little.

    I moaned again.

    I could feel his huge sexy body against me, and his lovely cock was so so close. Aghhh..

    Slowly he lifted my thigh just a bit, and put the head of his penis into me, just to rest in there. Mmm..I pushed down a bit. Ouch that's big...but fuck it felt good. It was like being filled so unexpectedly, and because his arms were around me I felt like he was in control.
    He pushed it in further. I screamed, I felt a surge of pain...for just a second...but he was rubbing me in a really good spot. "It's ok..." he said and hugged me closer, as he made another push "Ahhh hold it there!!" I screamed.
    I felt him breathing harder in my ear and he pressed on my mound with one hand as he slowly withdrew and then started to come in and out in and out...holy shit...I never felt anything like this....instinctively I flexed my knees up and the next time he was coming in he went DEEPER and I screamed again.
    "You're so fucking tight" he said. I turned my head to look at him and his mouth was open and his eyes looked so high. "You're so tight and wet"

    "Really?" I knew this...but why not
    "Yeah...it feels amazing"

    I let out a groan and reached for the wall in front of me, and started moving too. He screamed for me to back up on it, and I felt him stretch me and fill me with each thrust. I felt like I was being controlled by some new element, his huge cock. I loved when he pressed down on my mound and then thrust as deep as possible and just held it there...kissing my neck and telling me he wants to come in me...

    Eventually I got on top of him. He was sitting up and I wrapped my legs around him as I took him in. With his cock filling me up I just moved my hips around and around, getting used to it.................

    ........well that's part of the story!
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    Dec 15, 2005
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    More please!
  3. Femme

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    Jul 14, 2005
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    Ok...haha...for some reason describing it really gets me going.

    Well one night we were both fast asleep. actually, he was..and I was coming in and out of sleep. I was wearing this nightie that just covered my bum, and he sleeps naked. We were lying on our sides, an his arm was stretched over me.
    I don't know why but I like to play around I am sort of evil that way. So I moved over closer to him and innocently pressed my bum against his cock. I then moaned and started griding a bit, ever so gently. He pulled me closer with the other arm, but I stopped. Then a minute later I started again, moving around and putting my butt up against him, moving it high up, as if it was all part of my dream. At one point I put my bum up so that it exposed my lips and his cock brushed past my lips. I held it there. I wasn't sure if he had woken up by that point. I slowly parted my legs and held them like that.
    I imagined him just shoving his cock in me. I cold feel it moving, he was getting hard. Every time it would move a little, it would open up my opening and let some juices out. I would lie there in silence and wait to be surprised by his moving cock..
    Eventually he grabbed my breast and said "I am going to nail you so hard right now."
    I pretended to be asleep:tongue: so he kissed my neck a little bit and then just lay alongside of me...so I started the grinding thing again, and I KNEW at this point he couldn't take it anymore. "I want you to put it in" I told him, arching my back. My legs were flexed, but together, and my torso reached over across the bed. He grabbed my hips with his hands, and I reached over and grabbed his cock. I slowly brushed it against my pussy, up and down around it so he could feel all the juices coming out of me. Then I left the head just at the opening, without even putting it in.
    He went inside me with one long thrust, making me yelp. I still wasn't used to his size. As he kept it in there, I started pulsating from the inside. He groaned, and asked me if I could squeeze as he's putting it in. I squeezed and he slowly entered me while groaning "it's so hard to put it in..." and I continued to this for him a few times.

    We eventually turned to me lying on my stomach and him on top...my legs in his and him entering my vagina. As he lay on top of me and inside me he said it felt incredible how deep it was...and I honestly was feeling him in places I was never touched before. I would raise my pelvis up a bit, and that would cause a rubbing sensation for him and for me and we would just take turns rotating our hips slowly...I was so so wet...he started pounding in and out until he couldn't take it anymore. We quickly sat up and I grabbed his cock and enveloped it in my lips. He came in my mouth with one hand on my breast and the other squeezing my but cheek...
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