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    Dec 27, 2004
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    Just wanted to run something by the forum....Okay I consider myself straight w/bi-tendacies when the opportunity presents itself....I am usually attracted to women and that is what I pursue but maybe it's an ego thing but it is kind of flattering when I get hit on by primarily "straight guys"....

    I have found that these guys girlfriends know they like guys too....I know this because I get hit on by a lot of couples too or a guy has openingly talked about a guy in a sexual way w/his girl around....I remember one night recently at a dance club, my friends girlfriend and he were dancing and I was kind of behind him and she pulled me towards him from the back and said that my friend (the guy) likes it from the back sometimes and we should all get out of here....My friend didn't say a word but I was shocked and kind of laughed it off saying don't think I want to know him like that....And on another night out I was talking to a friend I haven't seen in awhile and was talking to him catching up....When he walked to the bathroom, this girl came up to me and asked jokingly - did my boyfriend just try to pick you up and I was like no I know him thinking she was joking....I had never met his new girlfriend before who was insecure actress....But we did end up going back to their hotel room to hang out but the scene got a little too weird for me and I left but she was totally aware that her boyfriend was into guys and it was okay if she was there....I totally feel bad for the chick because the guy keeps calling me trying to hookup since she is out of town for awhile on a film....It's weird because some of these guys I have known for years and probably wouldn't suspect they liked guys too....

    So I am curious about how ladies feel about a guy that has hooked up w/a guy before....Would you really want to know or have you ever been w/a guy who has hooked up w/a guy....I have seen some girls that are very comfortable with it....Also if you are a bi-guy w/a girlfriend - does she know and how does she feel about it....I use to date a girl that was obsessed w/thinking most guys would hook up w/a guy....She swore all my guy friends were interested in me which wasn't true at all....She had issues though but maybe she was on to something (LOL) even though when I was w/her, I had never hooked up w/a guy....

    I personally have never volunteered sexual info to ladies that I am interested in mainly because I am not curious about who they have been with....I also don't screw people in my circle of friends so I think that is the attraction for people to me - the mystery and they want to figure me out....It aint going to happen....
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