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    Hello so I'm new here and the reason I joined was because, well, I was always interested in penis size haha. From watching porn through the years and my sexual experiences and times at the locker room and an argument with my roommates, I came here to hopefully learn some new things.

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post my real name or what, this is basically the first forum I have ever joined, so I will not disclose it at this point. I know there is a bio section, but I rather people just ask me who I am and stuff (is that a forum social etiquette no no?) However on to my question and path towards knowledge and wisdom, my first question is this:

    So I had sex with this girl the other night and we were doing it and she said I love when you bang (don't know if I can swear haha) me with your big dick. It really turned me on. However afterwards I started thinking, I don't really think I have a big dick, so what constitutes a large member?

    Even when I had sex with other women, they usually said nice dick or nothing, and even through the years I always thought it was average, I guess. So my other question is, what is the best way to measure the penis?

    Thanks for answering. :smile:
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