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    Here is a story that I started on the "Metabods" website. Now that it seems to have folded, I though I would add a new chapter here. But first, the original:

    I had been looking forward to this week for a long time. My dad’s job took him all over the world, but I rarely got to go with him. When he invited me to come along this time, I jumped at the chance. Seven days in New York City with nothing to do was a dream come true. As if this wasn’t good enough, Michael and his father would be joining us.

    Michael and I went to school together in a small southern town, but he had moved away when we were eight. Eleven years had passed, and though we kept in touch on the phone and through email, we hadn’t been able to see each other in person since second grade.

    My dad and I walked into the suite we were sharing for the week to find that Michael and his father had already checked in. However, the scene was not the happy reunion I was expecting. An abrupt silence spread through the room as Dad opened the door. Ignoring the pink elephant on the sofa, and perhaps to escape whatever discussion had concluded so suddenly, Michael immediately crossed the room to shake my hand.

    Adolescence had been very kind to Michael. His face was strong and rugged in appearance, resting beneath a permanently tanned complexion. Dark, curly hair provided a soft, care-free frame to his more masculine characteristics. Beautiful green eyes peered out over tapered cheeks complete with a perfectly symmetrical pair of dimples.

    He had a wrestler’s build. His frame was less than six feet tall and carried about 150 pounds. Every ounce of it was strength. As he shook my hand, I watched his forearms tense beneath tightly-stretched skin. His well-fitted t-shirt revealed active muscles bunched in perfect proportions.

    Though both of us were now 19, I hadn’t been so lucky. Both of my parents were overweight, and I inherited their pudginess. Though I had dropped quite a bit of fat over the past couple of years, I never managed to replace it with any serious muscle. So, I was just your typical lanky sophomore with no athletic ability. My hair was blonde and fine, my face long and somewhat feminine. Physically, I was average in just about every way you could imagine. The contrast between us was unmistakable.

    “Hey, John, how’ve you been?” He pulled in for a hug and I felt every muscle in his body tighten. It was an amazing display of restrained strength—like steel cables supporting a gigantic bridge. I managed to reply with some kind of a cliché, but my mind was reeling, awash with a flood of new feelings for an old friend. Over the past few years, I had noticed an increased attraction to both guys and girls, but never a feeling of this strength. This week was already surpassing my expectations.

    My gaze next fell to Michael’s father. We had never officially met. He and my dad were in the same industry, and both were away more than they were home. Even when Michael and I would spend the night at each other’s houses as kids, we were usually the “men of the house”.

    Suddenly, I knew where Michael “got it”.

    “Hi. I’m Mike. You must be John.” His voice was deep and clear. It matched his physique. Mike was obviously no stranger to the gym. A couple of inches taller than his son, his arms were easily the size of Michael’s thighs. His straining undershirt looked like it was about to rip in several places, but dutifully and miraculously managed to keep everything covered.

    Unfortunately, his jeans were not so transparent. Very baggy, they gave no details of what lay beneath the denim. However, based on what was above the belt, one could easily assume that what they concealed was equally impressive. I was almost ready to cream myself.

    I shook his hand quickly and pulled my luggage into the bedroom. “I guess we can go ahead and unpack, right?” Michael followed me and I didn’t object. He closed the door behind us.

    “So, I guess you’re wondering what that was all about.” He took the words right out of my mouth.

    “I was a bit curious.”

    “Well, it’s a long story, but basically, I forgot to bring my medicine with me.”

    That didn’t seem like such a problem to me. “Surely there’s a pharmacy around here, somewhere.”

    “They don’t carry what I need. We have to order it from an herbal pharmacist in Israel. It’s quite an ordeal. I would get Mom to send it, but she’s out of town this week too, and by the time it got here, Dad’s afraid it would be too late.”

    His voice was trailing off, and I became rather concerned. “So, what’s going to happen to you?”

    “I’m not entirely sure. I’m not going to die or anything, but you might notice a few…changes over the next few days.”

    My concern faded into curiosity. “What is that supposed to mean?”

    “Michael?” His dad’s voice interrupted us.

    “Yes, dad?”

    Mike opened the door. “John and I are heading out to our dinner meeting.

    Stay here in your hotel room until we get back—no matter what. Do you understand me?”

    “Yes, sir.” Michael was obviously not overjoyed with that prospect.

    “It’s for your own good—you know that. We’ll be back in a few hours and we’ll figure out what to do then.” With that, Mike—now sporting a trendy shirt and stylish sport jacket joined my dad at the door to the suite.
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    “Well, it seems like we have some time. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on, here?” I asked.

    “You’re never going to believe me, but this is the story my dad told me.
    Apparently, I am a direct descendent of Goliath—you know, the big guy that David killed in the Bible.”

    “You’re telling me that he really existed?”

    “And apparently had quite a few children. As they reproduced, whatever it was that made him so huge became more and more concentrated in the men. Within a few generations, the male family members were considerably taller than the average person and a whole lot more muscular. And there was one other side-effect.”

    My mind was already heading down a path, and my body was hoping Michael was right behind me.

    “The guys’ dicks were huge—so huge that they were having trouble finding women to mate with. They knew that something had to be done or the whole family would disappear. So, they start experimenting with all kinds of herbs. Eventually, they found one that seemed to slow down the growth process. We start giving it when a son turns 11 and he is supposed to take it every day until his 22nd birthday. By then, puberty has run its course and most of the growth is finished. As you saw from my dad, it only slows it down. The genetics are hard to deny.”

    “You mean your dad is naturally that size?”

    “I don’t think he’s ever been to a gym.”

    “But you left your ‘medicine’ at home, so there’s nothing to slow you down.”

    “Exactly. And dad is completely freaked out. Nothing like this has happened in several generations, and he’s afraid that my body will try to make up for lost time. The changes could be rather dramatic.”

    “So how did you manage to leave something so important?”

    “Honestly, I didn’t exactly forget.” He smiled mischievously. “I’m tired of waiting to grow up, and I’m tired of pretending that I’m normal. And furthermore, girls don’t interest me very much—I really don’t care if I have any children. I just want to be me.”

    I was getting excited just thinking about the possibilities. “You mean you’re gay?”

    “Completely. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

    “Bother me? I’m at least bisexual myself. Definitely curious. I’ve never had sex with a man or a woman—I’ve never found the right opportunity. But it doesn’t take much to turn me on.”

    “Then it sounds like this may be a week of exploration for both of us, if you’re interested.” He smiled and turned to face me, lifting his hands to unbutton my shirt. One by one, he made his way closer to my shorts, and my dick made its way closer to his hands.

    “I’m more interested than you could know.” He finished with my shirt and I let it fall to the ground. He raised my undershirt and gently sucked on my nipples. Overtaken by the sensation, I fell backwards onto the bed and pulled my shirt off the rest of the way. Michael took the opportunity to do the same, his bared torso flexing as he sat down beside me.
    I don’t know why he wanted to be any bigger. Living in that body would make me happy any day of the week. “You have the most beautiful body I have ever seen,” I said as I started returning the nipple-play.

    “You haven’t seen anything, yet.” As I continued my work above the equator, he reached down to unbutton his pants. Michael took my hand and guided it into his boxers. Now, I know what average feels like—I’ve felt it just about every day for the last few years. This was not average.

    Average is about 4 inches soft—6.5 inches hard. Average easily fits into my grasp and barely peeks out beyond my last finger. Michael was only semi-hard, but already I needed two hands to handle him. I gasped.
    “I told you that the medicine just slowed down the process.” His voice smiled; he knew I was hooked.

    “Oh my…” was all I could say. I pushed down his shorts to let the monster out of the closet. In the light, it was even bigger than I thought. Michael was obviously as excited about our encounter as I was, and his cock was growing by the second. Being uncut added extra girth; at this point, I could barely get one hand to close around it. It looked like a not-so-miniature version of a blimp. Fat in the middle; tapered at the ends.

    “You said you were new at this sort of thing, so let me show a few things you can do with it.” With that, he stood up and faced me. Placing one hand behind my head, he pulled my mouth closer to his giant cock. “Try to keep your mouth as wide as you can and relax.” But I had dreamt of this moment for a long time—in my fantasies I had already imagined exactly what needed to be done. From this point, it was completely natural.

    I began with gentle tonguing inside his foreskin, caressing the most sensitive places just below his head. Then, I started sucking and kissing, taking as much time as possible to cover the entire shaft. Finally, I opened wide and took in as much as I could handle. Fortunately, it turned out that my mouth was the one above-average part of my body. I had no trouble with the girth, but I had never practiced deep-throating. I immediately started to gag.

    “Take it easy. Don’t choke on me,” he said. I almost felt like he was taunting me, but by this time, I was hungry. I wanted every ounce of him in my mouth. I tried again, keeping myself calm and relaxed. I made it halfway down the shaft and pulled back out. Then, I made it three-quarters. Finally, it was all down there. I started pumping in rhythm, and Michael started moaning.

    “Oh, that’s it. Don’t stop!” He was as desperate as I was.

    The tempo grew faster, and I could feel him tensing up, but I wasn’t about to miss this. I kept going. “I’m gonna blow!” He meant it as a warning, but I took it as a promise. He let out a yell, and the first wave of cum splashed against my throat with violent passion. Surprised by the power, I stopped my motion to swallow, but he wasn’t finished. Waves of spunk coated my throat and filled my mouth. The salty taste was sweeter than honey, and I ate every drop.

    “I thought you said you were a virgin,” he said as he collapsed onto the bed next to me. The exchange had obviously taken a lot out of him.

    “I was—before tonight.” I rolled over onto my side and tenderly kissed his shoulder. “I guess I’m just a natural.”

    “I’ll say. I can’t imagine what you’ll be like as a pro.”

    “I guess we have a week to find out.”

    “Then let me give you your first lesson.” With that, he rolled onto his stomach and started to return the favor. Of course, I was already as hard as I could get. I had been hard since I first laid eyes on him this afternoon.
    “First, there’s a lot you can do with your throat muscles.” With that, he easily sucked down my whole dick. Just barely reaching the back of his mouth, I could feel a tingling sensation on my head like nothing I had ever experienced. His throat expanded and contracted around my dick creating waves of pleasure that raced up my spine.

    “That’s…a…a…amazing.” I stammered; it took every ounce of concentration I had to produce any sound at all. Absent-mindedly, I started running my fingers through his thick, soft hair. He started to pull back on my cock.
    Taking a breath, he went all the way back down and started the throat massage again. I moved on to his shoulders. Every striation in his deltoids was visible, and better yet, I felt each level as I brushed my hand across them.

    By this point, Michael’s kneading was taking its toll, and I could feel raw sexual energy pooling deep in my belly. “I’m…almost…there,” I said as my hands clamped down on his shoulders. Suddenly, I had turned the tables and Michael was having difficulty swallowing everything I had to offer. A few drops of cum dribbled down his cheek as he fought to chug a mouthful.

    “That’s not half bad, either,” he said. “I think I'm going to enjoy this vacation.” We both smiled, imagining the possibilities.
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    What a night! Apparently Mike and my Dad's business discussion ran a bit longer than expected, and Michael and

    I had no problem filling the time. We took turns sucking each other for several hours before passing out from exhaustion. It was now the middle of the night, and I had awakened with a pressing need to visit the bathroom and a nasty headache.

    As I tried to get out of bed, I realized that my head wasn't the only part of my body that hurt. It felt like every muscle in my body was screaming for me to sit still. I knew I was out of shape, but I had no idea that a few rounds with Michael would tax my body like this! Of course, I wouldn't trade the experience for anything.

    I wondered if he was feeling any better, but with a body like his, I'm sure that he could take almost anything.

    I had made it to the edge of the bed, and was gathering my focus to stand up and start walking. 1...2...3...I was on my feet, but the headache was affecting my balance. I stumbled toward the bathroom, tripping over my own feet. Luckily, the bathroom door was there to catch my fall.

    "Shit!" I shouted as my head hit the frame.

    Michael began to move a bit. "What's going on?" Obviously, he was groggy, too.

    "Nothing. I just tripped--go back to sleep."

    "Oh. Ok..." He trailed off quickly, and was once again sleeping soundly.

    My head was still spinning, but I had managed to steady myself. Slowly and gingerly, I took a couple of faltering steps. Leaning on the door, I managed to get it closed and started grasping for the light switch.

    Blinding light forced me to squint, and I found my overnight bag by touch alone. As my eyes began to adjust, I found a bottle of painkillers and poured three into my hand. Reaching for a glass, I filled it with water, popped the pills into my mouth, and leaned back to take a drink. For the first time, I saw my reflection in the mirror, and nearly choked on the water.

    Staring back at me was neither the pudgy kid I had grown up seeing in the mirror, nor the average, flabby college sophomore with whom I had been more recently acquainted. Instead, a thin, muscular young man had stepped into my skin.

    "What the..." I flexed my bicep to reveal a perfectly formed ball of muscle. When I stretched out my arm, the triceps were equally defined. I could see a vein just barely peeking out across my shoulder muscle, leading to a taught, but clearly protruding chest. And then I saw my abs--for the first time in my life, I had a six-pack. I could hardly contain my excitement, and my dick began to protest.

    After our evening, boxers hardly seemed necessary when preparing for bed, and that gave me quite the view of what was going on below my waist. What had always been an average cock now looked like something from a porno flick.

    Still mostly soft, my dick clearly hung lower than my balls (and they were noticeably lower than normal). It was already six inches long, and not yet finished. I couldn't resist—my hand immediately grabbed on, and started pumping. Suddenly, I was no longer feeling muscle pain or a headache--only the most intense rush of my life--even more so than the excitement of last night.

    My dick was so hard, it could cut glass. Standing straight up, it was almost reached my upper abs. I guessed that it was now almost 8 inches long and as fat as a cucumber.

    There was a knock at the door. "John? Are you okay?" Michael must have heard me reacting to my reflection.

    "Um, I don't know. See for yourself." As he opened the door, I realized that I wasn't the only one changing.

    Standing in the door, his head was almost grazing the upper frame. His shoulders were now considerably wider, and also barely fit. Even completely relaxed, his arms looked like they were chiseled from marble and covered in very thin skin. His pecs were separated by a deep canyon that led directly to abs or steel. His torso was a mountain range in which I knew I would want to get lost.

    A perfectly fashioned Adonis belt drew my eyes to the biggest dick I had ever seen. My eight inches were still completely hard, but his were completely soft and hanging a third of the way to his knees.

    His legs were large pillars of stone boasting veins in all the best places. Calves were so well developed, I could see them peeking out on either side of his shin. I couldn't wait to see him flex.

    "John, what happened to you?"

    "You don't know?"

    "I can guess, but I've never seen anything like this before."

    "Well that makes two of us. Have you looked down?"

    Obviously, his eyes were having trouble adjusting as well.

    "Shit! I had no idea it would happen so fast!"

    "Or become contagious!"

    I couldn't contain myself, and immediately lunged for that dick. I started sucking on the tip, but that was literally all I could fit in my mouth. Instead, I started stroking the beast with both hands. It responded as quickly to me as I had responded to my first glimpse of it. Almost immediately, it was at half mast and already a couple of inches longer. "I don't think my mouth can stretch that much."

    "Then I suppose we might need to find another place to stick it."

    "I have just the idea." I led him back to the bedroom and lay down on the bed. Immediately, I started to think

    I was crazy--I was about to lose my virginity to an oversized beer can. This was going to hurt.

    "You can't be serious," he said. "I'll split you wide open."

    "Maybe, but I have a theory. You said that your ancestors' increased size made it almost impossible to have children, but you said nothing about it affecting the other men. That makes me wonder if there was more to the story. Perhaps the changes in my body are more than just bigger muscles and less fat."

    "I think I see where you're going with this, and I like it." He reached into his bag on the nightstand a pulled out a bottle of lube. As he smeared it on his now throbbing dick, the monster seemed to strain for more size.

    He picked up my feet and held my legs under his arms. I could sense his flaring lats against my shins.

    "If it hurts, let me know." He gently guided the tip of his dick into the crack of my ass. I felt it get closer and closer until he finally crossed the threshold. "Here we go."

    Slowly, I felt his massive pole glide deeply into my soul. There was no pain, but only the deepest ecstasy I could imagine. I groaned in pleasure.

    "I'm sorry--I'll stop."

    "Don't you dare" was all I could manage to say. He smiled and started to pick up the pace. With each thrust, he stretched my legs and hole just a little bit more. His rhythm quickened, and with each motion, his abs tightened. It was like watching a machine. In the mirror, I could see his ass--a perfectly toned bubble quivering with each motion.

    A drop of sweat appeared on his brow and fell onto my dick--for the first time in several minutes, I remembered that Michael wasn't the only one with a hard-on. Barely conscious, I reached for my dick and started to stroke.

    His one drop of sweat was all the lube I needed, and I quickly built to an orgasm.

    "I'm gonna blow!"

    "Me, too."

    I felt the contractions start deep within me and flow through my dick. Despite several orgasms earlier tonight, a cord of thick cum shot out of my dick and hit my face. Simultaneously, I felt a geyser erupt in my ass. A second wave landed on my chest as I felt like my ass would overflow from its second barrage. Michael started to pull out, and a third blast came with such pressure that cum was oozing out around his massive dick. As he pointed his hydrant at my face, wave after wave from both dicks coated my abs with thick, white paste.

    Gradually, the intensity subsided, and Michael collapsed next to me on the bed. One of his arms became my pillow as he cradled my head. The other hand traced my abs, drawing patterns in the cum that now coated them.

    "I had no idea..." I couldn't finish the thought, but resolved to savor the shared moment with my childhood best friend.

    Unfortunately, our moment was not to last. I heard a keycard breech our hotel room door. Mike and Dad were obviously home, though they were doing everything possible not to wake us up.

    "Shit!" Michael swore under his breath as leapt to his feet and reached for a towel. I was too exhausted to move.

    "Was that you, Michael? Is everything okay?" Mike was at the door to our bedroom.

    The door flew open, and Mike stood there in silence for what seemed like an eternity. His unbelieving stare shifted several times from his son, now significantly bigger than when he left and perfectly silhouetted by the light from the bathroom, and the newly ripped sidekick still lying on the bed in a pool of cum.

    "When I told you to stay in tonight, this isn't exactly what I had in mind."
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    I miss Metabods a lot. You might post your work in the Evolution Forum.

    I remember reading the beginning of this on Metabods and really like what you've added!
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    Me too ! I wrote to the Brian Ramirez Kyle, the man behinf metabods, and he told me that the website was just temporarily down, but he didn't have time to do anything with it. That was over a year ago and the website hadn't been updated in more than six months...
    I guess Metabods is dead. If only all the authors would republish and continue here !
    In any case, it's one of the best stories on the site, and never fails to make me cum...
    Thank you !
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    definitely an excellent story, wish you would continue
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