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    Hi LPSG:

    While the vast majority of times, unless very stressed or nervous about being with someone I have no problems with getting an erection, especially when I'm with a great guy and we're in the initial exciting phase of taking each other's clothes off and feeling each other's bulges (sorry if this description is a little jarring for any straight readers, that's just all the sexual experience that I have to talk about).

    Yet I find that no matter how attractive the guy I'm with is, my erection goes away after literally seconds unless it is being constantly stimulated either with my hands, my partner's hands or my partner's mouth. Once it goes away the first time it seems that there is nothing either of us can do to bring it back to its initial glory. It takes a considerable amount of time and effort to bring it just to a semi-erect state, and after that, it is just not the same as the initial burst. With masturbating it can often be the same thing, the slightest distraction and it goes soft. Although I have not been with lots of guys, it seems that I have not run into one yet who has this problem. Some seem to be able to just stay hard even if they decide to get up, light a candle, or go put on a condom, or take a ten minute phone call from mom (ok, the last one has never happened), others, if they go soft after a couple minutes of not being physically stimulated, seem to just need a little bit of kissing or rubbing to go back to fully erect. I did some searches through this forum but haven't been able to find threads corresponding exactly to what this problem is. I'm 28 years old, exercise regularly, do not drink to excess or smoke, and have a life/career that I would not consider more stressful than the average guy's.

    Anybody else worked through this problem either with themselves or a male lover? (Or anyone remember a good forum thread that could point me towards, to prevent re-inventing the wheel?) I'm open to pretty much any suggestion.

    Thanks for reading :cool:
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