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Knock Knock

Discussion in 'Erotic Stories' started by studentuk, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. studentuk

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    West Midlands, UK
    Okay, this is quite a long story, but I hope you'll agree it's definitely worth it.


    KNOCK KNOCK – No answer....

    I was just about to knock the front door again when I saw a body running down the stairs. Seconds later, the door swung open and my friend Ben stood there in his boxers, having obviously just got out of bed.

    “Damn!” he said, “Sorry man, I totally forgot you were coming over this morning”

    As we walked inside the house, I subtly looked up and down his 20 year old, 6ft frame; lean, muscular and totally smooth apart from a slight trail of hair going down from his stomach to his groin. It was then I noticed that Ben still had a raging hard-on, morning wood in all its glory.

    I grinned to myself and said to him “Oh well, at least you’re pleased to see me”


    I gestured down below and then it dawned on him, his face suddenly showing a mixture of shock and embarrassment. “Oh God.... I... umm......”

    I interrupted him “Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Anyway, it looks like you’ve got something to be proud of there”

    I wasn’t lying, through his boxers I could see that his penis was easily eight inches long and pretty girthy too. Ben seemed to like my comment as his face lit up almost straight away, so I continued, “I think when it comes to cock length, you easily win that one”.


    “Yeah, definitely. I’m only around six myself”

    “Oh, right”

    Ben seemed genuinely surprised to hear that he was quite large, I’d have given anything to have a cock like his. But, I’m stuck with what I’ve got. A great sense of curiosity suddenly came over me, I knew that I just had to see his cock in more detail, a cheeky glance through his pair of boxers wasn’t enough. This would have to be done very carefully though, as far as I knew, Ben wasn’t bicurious like me. I decided the best approach was to carry on with the compliments and jokes and try and lead the conversation the way I wanted.

    “Did your ex never comment about how large you are, surely she noticed”

    “Umm.... no. What’s all the talk about my penis anyway, it’s kind of weird”

    SHIT, I’d been rumbled. I needed to dig myself out of this hole and fast. “Sorry mate, it’s just impressive. Wish mine was like that”

    “Yours can’t be that small can it?” he asked.

    “No, it’s not small, but compared to that.....” I pointed at his crotch.

    Ben looked sternly at me. Damn, I’d gone too far again. “Well”, he said, “I don’t think it’s fair we’re keeping on about mine, let’s have a look at yours”. I felt a feeling of relief surge through me, perhaps I hadn’t made a mess of this after all.

    “Okay” I murmured, trying not to sound too overenthusiastic. I took off my t-shirt, loosened my belt and then dropped my jeans. “Jeez”, Ben exclaimed, “you are one hairy bastard”. He was right; my body was totally covered in hair.

    I cut back “So, it just means I’m more of a man than you obviously, more testosterone”

    “Of course, that’s why you reckon I’ve got a bigger dick”

    “Good point”

    I looked down at my boxers, an erection was clearly visible, my cock pointing almost straight forwards. Ben followed my eyeline, “It doesn’t look that small from here, definitely looks like you’re enjoying yourself though”

    I laughed nervously before Ben started speaking again. “It’s not a fair contest behind boxers though. Who knows, you may have just stuffed something down there”. I raised an eyebrow “I doubt it”

    “Only one way to find out, rip ‘em off”. I stood speechless for a while, unsure of what to do. Until that point, only my girlfriend had ever seen my cock. “Ok”, I said, “but with one condition, you do it too”.

    Ben thought for a moment “Fair enough”

    “On three. One. Two. Three”

    As soon as the last number left my mouth I pulled my boxers off and my rock hard penis sprang straight up, the foreskin wrapped tight around the incredibly erect head. At the same time, Ben removed his boxers and I got my first glimpse of his amazing cock. It was as long as I thought and probably a good six inches around, uncut with a generous amount of foreskin and was as straight as a ruler.

    Ben looked at my cock and just kept staring at it, as I did to his. “You’ve got a pretty good rod yourself mate”, he said.

    “Cheers”, I replied, “I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve ever shown my cock to a guy before”

    “Same here, definitely a new experience”

    I stopped looking at Ben’s penis for a second and glanced back at mine, a drop of pre-cum was glistening right at its end. Ben noticed this too. “Looks like you need some relief for that thing”. I nodded. “To be honest, we’re both standing here with erections, I think we both need it”

    I stepped towards him slightly. “Mind if I have a quick play with yours, I’d love to know what it feels like to wrap my hand around something that big”

    Ben paused for a second, “Isn’t that kind of gay?”

    “I’m looking at it just as two guys comparing their cocks”

    He thought about it for a short while longer and, due to his obvious horniness, decided to go for it. “Ok, if I can touch yours”. I smiled, unable to believe my luck, “Help yourself”.

    We sat down together on the sofa, him on my right hand side, as I reached across and grabbed his penis. It felt amazing, so much bigger in my hand than my own. I started to slowly stroke it as he took my penis in his left hand. The nerve endings along the whole of my length lit up with the feel of his warm hand. As he started to gently work my length, I carried on toying with his cock, pulling on the shaft to bring his foreskin back over his bright purple head and then letting it roll back over.

    He let out a small moan of pleasure and squeezed slightly harder on my cock.

    “Mmmm” I moaned. “Keep going”

    As he continued pumping my cock, I reached with my other hand and grabbed his balls, large like his cock. I rolled them in my left hand whilst I pulled back his foreskin and started lightly rubbing the area around his frenulum with my right. Ben obviously liked this as I felt his body twitch. He reached over with his spare hand and started to copy the technique I was using on his penis on mine.

    “You can’t copy me!” I joked, my voice wavering with pleasure.

    “But it feels so good, I want to share it”

    I thought briefly about how lucky this was. I’d never have believed the fact that my best mate would show me his cock, but now here I was, jerking him off whilst he jerked me. I decided to up the ante slightly and moved my face close to the head of his cock, letting him feel my breath on it. I waited a few seconds to see if he would complain or get freaked out. Nothing. I opened my mouth and slowly lowered my head down onto his penis. Another moan of pleasure came from his body. I’d never given another man a blow job before, but this just felt right.

    I worked my tongue around inside his foreskin, rubbing around his head and tasting the sweet taste of pre-cum. Yet again, Ben followed my lead and wrapped his mouth around my shaft, sucking away whilst moving his head up and down.

    I momentarily took my mouth of his cock. “Ben”, I said inbetween heavy breaths “I’m going to cum any minute”

    “Same here” he gasped

    I lasted about thirty more seconds before I felt my whole body tense up and I shot a mouthful of hot semen into his mouth. Straight after, I felt his balls rise up and his cock start to twitch. He groaned as his head pumped out jets of semen, straight at the back of my throat. I must admit, this was the first time I’d had semen in my mouth and I can’t say I was the biggest fan. I grabbed a tissue from the side and spat into it, Ben soon did the same.

    “WOW” he said.

    “Yeah..” was all I could reply.

    We both took about a minute to fully calm down until Ben spoke again. “That was surprisingly good, much better than any girlfriend’s ever done”

    I thought back to all the mediocre blow-jobs I’d received in the past “Definitely”.

    We sat there in silence for another few minutes. I wasn’t sure about Ben, but I was starting to feel horny again. My penis agreed and slowly began to get hard again. Ben noticed this, “Fucking hell man, that not enough for you”.

    “Well, I’m always ready for something as good as that”

    Ben laughed as his cock started stirring to life. “Same again?”
  2. studentuk

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    West Midlands, UK
    “Actually”, I replied, “I wouldn’t mind trying something a little different if you don’t mind”. For some reason, something inside of me just clicked and I had this strong desire to have Ben inside me. I wanted to feel his throbbing, eight inch cock buried deep inside my ass.

    I’d tried anal masturbation occasionally in the past, sticking a finger or two up my ass and enjoyed the feeling. But, this was different. I wanted to feel him inside me, I wanted to feel full with his beautiful cock. This was a totally new feeling and desire for me but I thought as things had gone well so far, it was worth a try.

    “What you thinking?” he asked.

    I tried to carefully plan out each word before saying it. “Well.... would you... umm... Well, I kind of... I kind of want to feel what it’s like to be fucked”

    “What, like up the ass?”

    “Yeah, I don’t know why, but I really want to try it”.

    Ben raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

    “Definitely, I’ve just got this massive urge”

    “That’s pretty gay though”

    “Ben, you’ve just sucked me off whilst I sucked you off. It’s not any gayer than that.”

    He thought about it for a few seconds and then agreed “Ok, I suppose I can just close my eyes and pretend you’re a girl”

    I smiled, “I don’t know what kind of girls you date, but if they’re as hairy as me, then jeez”.

    He laughed “Very good point”.

    “We’ll need lube” I said, “ I’m not having you try and get in dry”. He nodded and sprinted upstairs, returning seconds later with a tube of KY.

    “Ready for this?” he asked.

    “Yes” I said confidently.

    I stood up, turned around and bent over the sofa and Ben positioned himself behind me. He placed his hands on my ass cheeks and pulled them apart then started stroking my sphincter with his index finger. The feeling was incredible, and this was only the start.

    “You’re going to need loosening up a bit before you’re ready for me” he said from behind me, lubing his finger with KY.

    “Mmmhmm” I hummed in agreement.

    He put some more KY around my hole and then slowly eased his finger in, yet more pleasure. He probed his finger in and out for a short while before adding a second one. “You ok?” he asked.


    The great feeling of two fingers inside me soon increased as he slipped a third one in. “You’re loosening up well” he said.

    I craned my neck around to look at him. “You seem to know a lot about this”

    “Suppose”, he replied, “Although I must admit I have experimented with some anal play before”

    “I’d never have expected that from you” I told him.

    “Let’s be fair mate, I’d never have expected to have you bent over in my front room and be about to take you up the ass”

    I had to laugh, he was right, this was somewhat unexpected.
    “Ready?” Ben asked as he pulled his fingers out.

    I nodded and he started to rub KY all along the length of his shaft and smear more around my waiting hole. He put down the lube and moved closer. I felt his head brush against my sphincter and he slowly started to push forward. My God, he was big, especially for my virgin ass. He waited a short time and then pushed forward again. As he did, I pushed out with my ass, opening my hole as wide as I could. This did the trick as the head slid inside me. Oh. My. God. Such an incredible feeling.

    “Feeling ok? Want to keep going?”

    I nodded. “Yep, it’s tight, but it feels so good to have you inside me. Keep going!”

    He gradually pushed forward and I felt him go deeper and deeper into my ass until his hips touched my ass cheeks. I let out a moan as his head hammered against my prostate gland. This was the best feeling ever. Ben stayed balls deep for about a minute before slowly starting to fuck my ass, sliding in and out, hitting my prostate with every thrust.

    I looked up at his face, he was clearly enjoying this as much as I was. Then I looked down to my penis, standing erect and gushing pre-cum from all of the prostate stimulation. Seeing the pleasure I was in, Ben started to thrust harder and faster, intensifying a feeling that I thought could get no better.

    In, out, in, out, in, out. I felt my body head towards orgasm and tried to tell Ben but the pleasure was too much, I couldn’t speak. All I could do was writhe around in ecstasy until my whole body shuddered and my cock shot ropes of cum across my chest. As I came, my ass tightened around Ben’s penis. His eyes rolled upwards and I felt his penis throb inside me, pumping hot semen deep into my ass.

    “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh” he sighed as he collapsed forward onto my back.

    We were both spent and could do nothing more than just stand there breathing heavily, his rapidly deflating penis still embedded in my ass. After a fair amount of time, we had both recovered enough to talk again. I started.

    “That was simply the best thing ever”

    “Yeah” was all he could manage in reply.

    He stood upright again and pulled his cock from my ass, bringing more pleasure to my already sensitive hole. I stayed bent over, too weak from that killer orgasm to move.

    Ben spoke. “Your ass is still wide open, you waiting for another session?”.

    I laughed. “Wouldn’t say no”

    “No way!”, he exclaimed, ”After seeing what that did to you, I want to try it. Your orgasm looked unbelievable”

    I slowly started to get up, “Okay”......................................
  3. ferfed

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    Mar 26, 2010
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  4. Elro

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    May 29, 2007
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    Paris, France
    it was good, but the positions are unclear, and/or impossible... For example, they're both standing when they start sucking each other off, which is impractical at best... and in the anal scene, the protagonist cums across his chest while his fucker sees his penis, and yet they're doing it doggy style (the fucker collapses on the back of the bent fuckee)... I'm sure there are many ways that's possible, but we're not shown how or if the position changes.
    That's about the only thing I can say against this hot story though !
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