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    Sup all? new 2 this stuff & not a puter person, so u gonna hafta bear w/ me, awite? Man, theres some freakin monster dicks up in this mo-fraki! If I didn't have penis envy b 4, i sure as hell got it now! Im 6'4", 230, kinda decent shape 4 a 39 yr. old kracker, but I don't no what happened 2 my shit! Im an "average white boy" if u dig?! Theres gotta b some "brother" somewhere in my family tree, cause both my young'ins got some major shit happinen already! Lucky littles buggers. Im 100% lovin the ladies, so don't get me rong... but sometimes when its time 4 sauna, Im like, "aw shit, 2nites the nite the 9yr olds gonna ask, 'dad, y's ur shit so small, & myn's so big?'" But I guess I should b happy w/ what i got though. Some people ain't got none! I think they're called...feminists? Naw, Im messin w/ u Gloria! Y r they all called Gloria? Anyways.. my little 6 1/2" got me more compliments, than frowns though. Its probly cause I like eatin pussy so much! Its a good thing they can't can that shit! Someone would make afortune sellin 'wifie targets'! Man, Id never leave the house & b lookin like the King b 4 he bit the big 1! Apologies 2 all the Elvis fans...nobody can diss the "King"! I guess I jist couldn't figure him out.. I mean, he had the looks, he had the moohlah... & ol boy chose peanut butter!!! Whaddafuk??!?!!? He shoulda spread some inbetween a couple o hotties, then he coulda had pussy samwhiches all nite! Plus he wouldnta blowed all up & probly still b w/ us 2 day! LONG LIVE THE KING OF PUSSY SAMWHICHES!!!! OK, no more ramblin cause I gotta go feed the fellas. I could let em do it they selve, but then they'd eat all my canned pussy!!:smile:
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    Looks like you are never at a lack for words! Welcome to LPSG! Sam
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