La Conclusion

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    China_deSade: I felt so good in Her control.
    I kept my eyes closed this time as She came back
    from the toy drawer again.
    I was close to begging, to break my silence
    without permission.
    She was tying something around my waist.
    I looked down as She drew the straps of Her
    nine inche long strap-on vibrator between my legs.
    I was confused until She got on Her hands and
    knees in front of me,presenting me with a rare
    view of Her soaking wet lips,already spread wide
    I finally figured out Her game.
    She had me so worked up She was going
    to get the fucking of a lifetime.
    I was breathing hard as I put the head of
    vibrator against her entry.
    The straps of the vibrator were split,running
    on either side of throbbing pussy.
    Tempted as I was to rub my clit against my Mistress,rub
    Her ass or thigh or even Her face to get myself off,
    I knew the opportunity She was offering me might
    never come again.

    I pushed the shaft into Her.
    She groaned and pressed back against me.
    I put my hands on Her hips to keep rhythm with Her
    And began picking up the pace.
    Soon I was going fast and hard,
    slamming into Her with each thrust.
    Her buttocks slapping into my hips were
    almost enough to get me off but I kept
    getting distracted with trying to keep
    the pace.
    I was not very practiced at this.
    She lay down on Her shoulders and I felt
    her hand slipping between my legs as I thrust foreward.
    I lost the rhythm for a moment and backed off,trembling.

    "Turn It On." She said,Her voice actually cracking.

    I reached down with a shaking hand and twisted the shaft
    of the vibrator.
    The buzzing seemed to run through my entire body
    and I fell foreward against Her,pushing the base
    against my mound.
    I held still there for a moment,enjoying the sensation
    I got pushing against Her.
    I heard Her moan,but barely registered it was as if
    I was in my own world.
    I pulled back and slammed into Her.
    Again I hear Her gasp as if from far away.

    I didn't let up,I pounded against Her,
    My hands gripping Her hips.
    Her ass bounced with over push.
    And with every stroke the straps between my
    legs pinched my lips together.
    Between that and the vibrations I was over the edge.
    I looked down at the base of the huge fake cock,
    stretching Her wide and began to spasm.
    I had lost control completely so She pushed back
    against me,trying to get Herself off.
    I shivered one last time and then fell on my heels.

    She turned around and pushed me onto my back.
    She straddled me and took the entire length
    of the vibrator into Herself.
    I reached up and tugged on Her nipples as She
    started pushing up and down hard.
    I still didn't have enough control to push back.
    I just lay there having orgasm after orgasm
    as Her full weight pounded the weight of the
    vibrator against me.
    Soon She was yelling "Oh,my God!"
    with every stroke and came with me.
    She took a few more strokes but slowly settled down
    against me,shivering.

    When we bothe could catch our breathe again She whispered
    in my ear,

    "Did you enjoy the little power trip;my dear?"
    "Yes Mistress,Thank You."

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    Your website is splendid !!!! ;)

    Especially this : Ille etiam Thracum populis fuit auctor, amorem/ In teneros transferre mares...
    « He also was the first adviser of the Thracian people
    to transfer their love to tender youths ...», written by Ovid... Ovidius' exile place was in Thracia, in Tomis... which is now Constanta in Roumania... so look what my ancestors did ! ;D

    Ah, Ars amandi !!! :D
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    And Lilies for Rasputina turned into China de Sade...
    Est-ce que vous avez lu "Justine", Madame ? Croyez-moi, ça vaut la peine... et ça vaut l'extase aussi... ! Seulement si vous voulez... il y a plein de choses que M. Donatien de Sade peut vous apprendre...  8)
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