La Femme, La Mujer and Une Hombre

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    City of Lights
    Caroline was bored, extremely bored in fact. This was the 15th blind date that her best friend Veronica set her up on and she waited in the Spanish Café for this " handsome stranger" she played in her mind, what she believe would happen. "Yes, that is an accent your hearing" she thought " Yes, I am French , yes I smoke and drink wine. Of course I have on my sext lingerie and no I am not interested." With her smokey eyes closed , she lifted her tanned and toned arm up and, began to snap along with the sound of the guitar strings. Sure, she didn’t want to be there, but the red decor , the heat and the music were making her melt in her seat– literally.
    The sounds of a clacking heels made her eyes open. She looked down at the black Hermes watch that Christopher, one of her many lovers, brought her. " Ah, he’s late!" she sighed, she shocked herself by sounding so disappointed. Then the flamenco dancer to the stage, she was perfect– no better then perfect, too damn perfect and her eyes, hands, spirt and soul were transfixed on Caroline.
    She would raise and sway her arms ,as if she were painting Carolines body with silk. She moved her hips around to the beat of the guitar and, all a while never letting her dark, almost black incredible eyes leave Carolines. It was then, while her wide blue-round eyes drank in the Spanish dancer that Caroline, thought she needed a new lover. She reached into her purse and pulled out a clove cigarette and began to puff. As the music grew softer and ,the movements of the dancer became more fluid, Caroline could feel herself shake. It wasn’t small tremble, it was a deep earthquake that caused her walls to flood like a monsoon.
    It seemed all to surreal when the beats grew stronger and the dancers feet pounded harder, that she began to feel herself orgasm. She laid her head back and exhaled on large cloud of smoke. The music was over, the dancer lay glistening on the floor and her panties were ruined.
    She looked at her watch again, decided he wasn’t coming and proceeded to get her things. As she turned around in her chair to find the dancer sitting in the opposite seat. She sung her long flowly brown hair over her shoulder and smiled. Before she could get a word out the Spanish dancer spoke, her heavy accent and strong tone made Caroline tremble. "You’re beautiful."
    Caroline was speechless, she had never needed a drink so bad in her life. Was this woman actually hitting on her? Was she actually starting to like it? Was she really considering taking this woman and, let go of all her sexual frustration? She took a sip of her wine , smiled and said thank you.
    " Hi, I’m Luisa and I was wondering if you wanted to get an espresso sometime?" She examined Luisa before she answered. Luisa was so lovely, she skin was white with hints of yellow, her hair was the darkest black, as were her eyes. Her lips were large, pink and soft and her breast were large and cried out for attention. She gave Caroline a deep smile and without any thought Caroline jokingly said, " Fuck the Espresso, when are you off?" Luisa smiled , got up and walked away.

    Caroline was confused. She didn’t know rather to follow her or remain seated. Before she could make up her man an attractive man stood in front of her. " Hello, are you Caroline?" He said . "Qui" she smiled. He was as handsome as she thought he wouldn’t be. He was more attractive then any man she saw in her life. He stood about 6'2, with dark brown hair, green eyes and black glasses. His facial structure was prominent and strong ,his eyes were slightly Asian and his hands very large. He was dressed in a white collar button-down, blue jeans and Italian leather shoes. Caroline, tried to stop herself from making it apparent , that she was checking out his package.They ordered two coffees and talked about everything, while Luisa was staring in the backround.. She liked him and she wanted him to like her too. This was a surprise because before she couldn't careless ,but she was horny and if you like a man then you know the first night rule. Although, she never gave a shit until now, she excused herself to the ladies room.

    Never before in her life had she seen such a sensual bathroom. The walls were covered with dancers striking suggestive poses ,as their red dresses hugged each curve. She started at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her nipples were hard and clearly visible through her jersey dress. She went into the stall and, removed her royal blue thong and placed it into her purse, wiped herself and proceeded to wash her hands. The door opened and then came in Luisa. She walked behind Caroline , while she watched helplessly in the mirror and, placed her arms around Carolines thin body.
    There were no words spoken, none of disapproval and none of consent. Luisa placed her hand up her dress and began to slowly stroke Carolines wet vagina. Luisa threw her head back onto Luisa shoulder and Luisa walked her up to the mirror and set her on the sink. She began to kiss her with deep passionate kisses and little suckles. Luisa took her long, willowy fingers and thrusted them deep inside Caroline, while licking and sucking on her neck. Caroline was in a daze. She had never been with a woman before, she had never felt this way before. Sure it was pleasurable but it was scary as hell and, not just because the door was unlocked. Luisa continued, toying with her and placed one of Carolines’ rose nipples in her mouth. Caroline couldn’t take anymore, it was all too much but before she could pull herself away Luisa lifted Carolines dress up and her head disappeared under a cloud of blue jersey.
    When Caroline left the ladies room she could barely walk in her black heels, the taste of Luisa’s lipstick and her juices was still wet on her lips. She sat down and Brian smiled at her. " Did I make you that nervous?" She smiled and said no. Brian suggested that Caroline come for a walk with him to the near by bookstore , so they could get to know each other better. Although, she was tired and confused, when his thin pink lips opened to a smile, she felt rejuvenated. After all she was a woman and she desired a man. The smell of his cologne, the warmth of his large body towering over her small frame and his pure masculinity drew her in. She was a woman who liked men and only men she said in her head, as they picked up their things to exit.
    She didn’t say goodbye or exchange any words with Luisa on her way out the door. Though she wanted to look back, to say something to taste her again , maybe, she didn’t. She kept walking and when Brian asked her how she liked the place, she said " I don’t know. I think I need to lay off the Spanish food and you were late." He smiled and told her that he was there, across from her watching her and when Luisa sat down he thought they were lovers. She stopped in the middle of the street and said " You know I have a library in my loft, why don’t you come see it sometime?" He began to walk up, without a response and looked back at Caroline. Her big beautiful blue eyes and said "How about we go back to mine?"
    stay tuned for part deux!
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