La Partie Cinq

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    China_deSade: I felt Her other foot creeping up my thigh.
    This one with the shoe on.
    The spike heel slid up my shaking leg.
    It stopped as Her shoe got entangled in the dress.
    I knew to pull it out of Her way.
    Her spike continued up my leg to stop at
    the top of my thigh,dangerously close.

    Our dinner arrived.
    She sat back,eating quietly and keeping
    Her shoe between my thighs.
    I was starved but She seemed to be taking her time
    so I knew not to rush.
    She paid the check,dragged the heel down my thigh,
    and rose to leave.
    I pushed my dress down and followed.
    She got into the passenger seat.
    She pulled the keys from the purse and handed them to me.
    As I started the car,She reach over and pulled down the shoulder of my dress.
    I watched as She attached a clamp to each nipple.
    A moan came from my lips and I gripped the steering wheel,trying to get used to the sensation.

    She pulled the shoulders back up on my dress and said


    I follow Her directions and soon we're at a
    secluded spot on the edge of a large park.

    "Out." She said while digging in Her purse.

    Standing beside the car,I waited patiently.
    She came around carrying a leather paddle She'd
    gotten from Her bag.
    I was ready to lift my dress for Her when She bent over
    the hood,pulling up Her dress and handing me the paddle.
    Then I noticed She was wearing my ringed leather collar.
    She bent Her head down in the same position She would always
    have me assume.
    Suddenly my dominant fantasies were filling my head again.
    I stood beside Her and swung hard.
    The resounding whack made me squeeze my legs together.

    She spread Her legs wider. And,I heard Her sigh softly.
    I swung;again. I really wanted to reach out and pull
    Her panties down but I wasn't brave enough to do something
    I hadn't been invited to do yet.

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