La Partie Quatre

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    China_deSade: I opened my eyes, not realizing I'd let him shut again.
    Her foot stopped between my knees.
    I slumped a little in my seat,letting the
    studs press between my lips.
    She had never even hinted at letting me take control.
    I was happy in my submission most of the time,
    But once in awhile I had the intense desire to
    take control just once.

    "ok" I whispered, consciously allowing my eyes to shut
    Her foot began traveling up my thigh, pushing the long
    dress up.
    She was using the same slow,soft touch on me that
    I had used on Her dozens of times.

    "Stop." I said again,shocked at the slight commanding
    tone that had begun to creep into my voice.
    I opened my eyes to see Her,lips slightly apart,
    eyes wide at me,and Her nipples erect.
    I reached under the table and timidly pulled my dress higher.
    I was tempted to grab Her foot and press hard against it
    But I still wasn't sure She was letting me get away with this.

    "Ok" I said again.
    Her foot moved up and brushed over the leather
    encasing my soaked crotch.
    I wanted to make her stop again
    But I couldn't bring myself to do it.
    The ball of Her foot pressed against the top
    of the stud that rested over my clit.
    I was already close.
    My eyes flew open as She pulled Her foot away.
    She had the stern look on Her face,
    The one She used just before punishing me.

    "Shhhh." was all She said.
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