La Partie Sept

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    China_deSade: I considered pushing Her down and sitting on
    Her face the way She had on only our second date.
    My hands shook as they reached up,seemingly of their
    own accord, and unlocked Her wrists from the collar.
    She reached over the edge of the bed and retrieved the
    paddle I tossed there.
    I rolled over for Her.
    The blows came quick and light, the kind that slowly
    build up the burning feelings all the way down into my core.
    She straddled my back and continued working on my ass.
    I could feel Her coarse pubic hair,sopping wet,pushing
    down between my shoulders. I couldn't stop shaking.
    I was just about to cum just from the sheer teasing
    She was giving me.
    The paddle stopped falling and She gave me a moment
    to contain myself before issuing another hard blow.
    I yelped that one.
    Her other hand slide across my sore buttocks,not soothing,just pushing me closer to the edge.
    I wanted that hand inside of me so badly.
    The oil slipped between my buttocks all the way
    over my swollen lips.
    My ass was shaking.
    My hands clutched at the bed.
    I lifted my hips in hopes that Her hand
    would find its way down to my pussy.
    She got off me and went to the toy drawer.
    I couldn't resist a look over my shoulder
    to see what She had brought back.
    She oiled up a butt plug that was
    surprisingly vast for its diminutive height
    and slid it inside of me in one smooth motion.
    I was breathless for several seconds before I gasped.
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