La Partie Trois

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    China_deSade: It was odd not having to drive.
    Usually,I'm the chauffeur.
    We arrived at a restaurant I liked
    But that wasn't Her favourite.
    Fantasies were flying through my head.
    We were seated at a table that wasn't as private
    As I'd prefer and the place was crowded.
    She moved aside to allow me to pass,
    Another curious hint at what I guessed was coming.
    She sat opposite me,picked up a menu,
    And ignoring me totally.
    I already knew what I wanted but I pretended
    to look at the menu anyway while my mind raced.

    Trying not to be obvious with his stares,
    the waiter took our order.
    I knew we were gorgeous.
    And,I couldn't suppress a small smile.
    She ordered then stopped to allow me to order,
    Something She hadn't done since our first date.
    Usually,She ordered for me.
    My voice cracked slightly as I told the waiter
    What I wanted.
    He left us and I looked up into Her eyes.

    I nearly jumped when I felt Her foot on my calf,
    just about the top of my boot.
    She simply smiled as Her stocking-covered toe slide
    up my leg.

    I was shaking hard.

    This was a game we had played many times,but usually
    it was me moving my foot up Her leg until
    She commanded me to stop.
    She would allow me continue after awhile.
    By the end of the meal,She would be working herself
    off on my foot while I squirmed on the other side,
    trying to hold my foot where She wanted it.
    The look on Her face now made me want to brave
    and ask Her to stop for a moment.
    My mouth opened,trembling.
    I opened my eyes,startled that I had allow them
    to shut without her command.
    She had a look on Her face like she was daring me to
    do something,
    A look She usually reserved for when She wanted me
    break a rule so that She could punish me.
    Her toe was at my knee.

    I said,quietly in case my guesses were all wrong.
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