Ladies Experience Nude Beaches

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    Last year I spent some time at a nude beach at St. Martin. It was interesting to note the difference in how french and american women reacted to the nude men. The french women seemed much more comfortable in checking out the men's bodies, looking directly at their genitals and looking them up and down (much like men typically do to women) and making comments. I overheard a couple of women, right in front of me as where I was lying on the chaise, make comments like "ce grande" and they didn;t seem particularyly concerned whether i heard or not. one girl actually said to her friend "oo la la", which i took to be a compliment. I'm more of a shower than a grower so i look big, i guess, and i found it to be kind of cool that the women seemed so free and sexual.

    My question for the women on the board is, if they have been to a nude beach, how do they react, and express themselves, whether a guy is really good looking and well built, or whether they see a guy who they think is very well hung, or whatever. Do you express anything or do you feel that it is rude to stare, or look, or make a comment.

    Speaking for one, it is a great feeling to have women express themselves so openly and be, i guess, more like guys that way.

    Is it just a cultural thing?
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    I wish I could have seen Orient Bay beach twenty years ago before the encroachment of hotels like the Esmeralda, and before Hurricane Luis in September of 1995 reportedly ruined the beach of Palm trees. Both times I've stayed at Club Orient were surprisingly quiet, with the nudist aspect of the beach a little less than I had been lead to believe.

    While the area around the Papagayo restaurant and the far end of the beach was au natural, we had to get dressed just to walk down to Pedro's for lunch. Old timers told me they used to walk all the way down to the Mt. Vernon in the late eighties. Orient Beach and St. Martin/ Marteen has a decidedly upscale exotic French/Dutch feel, but the onslaught of cruise ship day trippers during the week turned the place into a voyeuristic nightmare of overweight Hawaiian shirt wearing, camera toting, white knee socks and Florsheim wing-tip waddling tourists. AAHH!

    For a true French nudist experience try Cap d' Agde, France.
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