Large and starting PE - Help with girth?

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    Hey all,

    Long time lurker first post. I have decided to try PE and would like some info

    I measure up at 8.25" BPEL, which I am happy with but wouldn't mind increasing to 8.75-9. However, I am mainly interested in girth. I am 5.5" around the base and head but rise to 6" midshaft. Is there any way that I can make this more uniform? Ideally I would want a solid 6.5-7 all the way along. Should I even worry about this?

    What would people reccomend to get me going?

    Thanks all.
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    Yes you can. Following a modified version of the beginner's routine (omitting the Oriental Massage) for a few weeks will help you get a feel for PE; and you can move on to doing squeezes for girth once you're ready.

    You may want to try focusing more on the base using a cock ring for your squeezes. I normally suggest intense multidirection stretching and hanging for base girth too but you may want to be careful not to do them excessively since it may prolong the imbalance by making your penis longer.

    For targeting the glans, here's a post with specific exercises: Hpw you got your mushroom head? let's hear it!
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