Large Peni as Evolution

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    From the point of view taking into consideration the whole of the Animal Kingdom, Human males are among the best endowed of of any species, considering body mass:cock size ratios.

    Gorillas have 3 inchers, as I'm
    sure many on this board already know.
    Chimpanzees have spiral weenies,
    what were they thinking?

    For this reason I theorize that Human females naturally (due to our intelligence and ability to form such opinions?) have a preference for large-ish fleshpaddles. This, over the time since the beginning of the pleistocene era (when humans as we know ourselves first evolved) and maybe even before then has caused penile enlargement on a racial scale, resulting in the wee-wee of today.

    What does the future hold for the cock of mankind?

    WHO'S TO SAY??
    but what do you think?
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