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    rear view mirror!
    ... these come as reviews from guys that have gotten the prosthetic penis extensions...

    Make her feel a "real" man
    This extension was a great product! The problem that I was having is that my girlfriends ex-boyfriend was HUGE and I could not fill her up like he did. She let me know as much, too. She suggested that I look at those "Cyberskin" extensions, so I did. Now when I wear the sheath, I'm almost as big as he was, which brings her great pleasure! Highly recomend it!

    really thick
    To use this your partner has to be really relaxed and very wet. When we tried it my wife was so excited by the thickness of my erection she seemed a different person than usual. I am already quite thick and this product made me even bigger and because the material is soft it provided a nice soft tight fit for my wife to grip. Penetration was a little difficult at first but with enough foreplay she took me all. Doggy style allowed for complete penetration and she went wild.

    Liked it a lot
    Turned my 5" girth in to 7" so really thick. Used plenty of lube and the wife went wild. Bit uncomfortable for her in a couple of positions. Don't recommend for women who ain't had kids - if you know what I mean.

    easy to use
    i hid it from her so when i slid it in she thought it was me i loved it but came quick because she felt much tighter

    wife was shocked
    I purchased the 3 inch extension first but the extension portion is very thin when on my cock. I'm 6.5" by 6 " around. It looked funny but I tried it with my wife - she enjoyed it very much and like the deep penetration. I then ordered the 4" and 2" extra thick extension and surprised her doggy style with the 4 " version. It is heavy but I lubed it up and entered her slowly the the head and extension part was the same thickness as me and I almost had a 11" cock. I let her slowly back into me and she moved back and back and back some more and I never heard moans like that from her before. She loved it and I used it on her often. Works great doggy style and you on top, but not so much with her on top - it bends too much in that position. The 2" extension gives the same results and same moans and we use that as well with excellant results with all positions.

    Wow, this thing is great! I am exactly 7 inches and very thick. This product made me a full 10 inches, although the extension is much much smaller than me in girth. It still made my wife scream and make some noises I have never heard before. She was making the most awsome faces I ever seen like she could not handle it anymore but when I asked if it hurt she told me to shut up and do it harder. Size matters a whole bunch! I learn this first hand! What a fun toy!!!! I highly recommend this product to anyone.

    My wife and I have also used the 4 " extra thick. It is painful in some positions. The 2" is not painful in any postion and "hits bottom" just as easy as the 4". The thickness of these things is amazing. My wife loves it. She can swing her pussy all over the place without worrying about the cock slipping out. She says the over filled sensation is powerful. Unlike other toys she doesn't just "tolerate it" she "PARTIES" on it!!!She relates the orgasm is no diferent that on my much smaller unit but the filled up feeling is new and exotic. Frankly if you have any illusion that your smaller penis is as much fun for your woman as this huge toy you are wrong. All the ego salvage your lady has been giving you in the form of little white lies is wiped out. This is a present for HER. She may never look at your manhood the same way again. Niether will you.

    My wife and I were curious and she had an orgasm with it. She described the orgasm as the same as without the extension but the extension added an element of naughtiness and a sensation of being "overfilled." Me and the extension ended up being 10 inches long by 7 around versus my normal 6 inches by 5.5 inches. I had too trim a little off of it. That was a an ego deflater. My wife thought it was funny. This really challenged my ego since she got off so well and my penis is much smaller than this thing. The size of her orgasm was the same. The look on her face when I first mounted was definitely different. Her experimenting with different humps and thrusts were different. She could do things on it she just could not do on just my cock. The thrust were much longer and covered more ground(so to speak.) Turns out the "Size doesn't matter myth" is a myth. The orgasm sensation is the same but the thrusting stretching stuff was different. It worked well in a number of positions. Intial entry was a bit tricky because neither of us knew how to handle something this big. Once we lined things up it went smoothly. She had a big smile when in was all in. I mean really big. her eyes were really twinking. When she was on top she had no trouble riding it with a lot of energy. She was very greedy. Wearing it was comfortable but boring. I really did not feel much. It fit tight and did not slip off. Sex after taking it off was almost normal but she was definitely a bit roomier. MEN: If you want to give HER a present and are man enough to take a mild but real ego challenge ...enjoy. LADIES: Bigger is different from smaller.

    well i put it on and it fit great and felt great. then once i made penetration and my wifes face showed that expression that her pussy was stretching, made me want to go deeper. as she was never made much noise except for orgasm, she was now moaning and begging to for more. She came harder then i have ever seen her come from just penetration. She loves her cock fat and her pussy stretched what a whore lol

    there's more but i'm outta time...
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    Good find. I'm convinced that bigger size creates more vocals from many women. This helps to confirm it. It seems to me that some women who state size makes absolutely no difference are sugar coating their posts. I research such posts in forums at this site and other sites and it turns out such posters have a pc mindset in just about every topic. I would expect your find to be shrugged off and not be well accepted by them. I believe a correlation between penis size and women's vocals exists, whether it applies to every woman or not is irrevalant to a correlations existence.
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