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    frog: about five years ago i moved to colorado and i moved in with two other guys. well one day they bought their friend larry over; he was sitting on the couch with his legs spread apart and his big thighs were hairy with some sweat showing on them. he had on some blue jean cutoffs and his basket was protruding outward so that anyone could see it. i saw him noticing his noticeable bulge, he gave me a one sided smile and carried on what he was doing. well, about three week later he came over and he was drunk. the other roommates were all passed out from drinking too much. i heard a tap at my door, i opened the door and there stood larry. he ask me if he could come in because nothing was happening out in the living room by himself. he laid on my bed and as i looked over he had his pants down and i saw the enormous bulge in his tommy hilfigers. he ask me to come over to the bed and pull down his shorts, well i did and out popped this 8" piece of thick man meat. he ask me if i would suck him off because his girfriend had not servieced him for over two months. larry was about 19 years ols and had a bilers body, this turned me on so much. i put my lips around his giant cock head and began to suck it for this hot stud. he started to moan very loudly so i know that he was enjoying it. i sucked his cock for about thirty minutes and i could feel it start to pulsate harder and faster. he told me that he was about to cum and before i knew it i had a mouth full of stud juice. he told me to swallow it and that i could have some more if i did, so i did. he got up took a shower and went home. this happen about ten or fifteen other times and he moved to denver and we never saw each other again. i often think about him when i am waxing the old flag pole
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