Las Vegas Westin Spa

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    I just had the best experience in this spa. I entered just before closing to take a shower before taking a red-eye to the east coast. As I entered I noticed a beautiful black man standing naked at his locker. This guy was hung - no doubt a lpsg member. I'm always careful note to stare too much, but keeping my eyes off of him and his cock was hard. He stepped into the steam room and I followed close behind. We were in there a while and I started massaging my legs and feet, which were tired. He came in and out of the steam room more than a few times. . .the last time he came in, he sat down and I noticed he started rubbing his thighs, I did the same. He moved onto his cock, I started stroking mine. In an instant he came right over to rub me and then went down on me in a heart beat. We proceeded to suck each other and rub each other down. He was a real gentleman and truly a black stallion. If you are on lpsg. . .drop me a line so we can meet again sometime.
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