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    Background: I'm fed up with shaving (which I have to do every day to keep smooth, and then there are the ingrown hairs, the unattractive red bumps I tend to get at my bikini line, the itching...). I hate having to rely on tweezers. I'm too much of a wuzz to enjoy waxing. And depilatory creams; what a mess!

    SO: I'm thinking of having laser hair removal done. Did any of you guys try it? What areas did you have done? How are the long-term effects? Can I really hope for permanent hair removal - or can I just expect reduced hair growth for months or a couple of years?

    Most of the hairs I'd like to get rid of are black or dark brown on fair skin, which I understand is most likely to be successful. I also have some blonde hairs in my face that I find unattractive, how about them - any of you try ELOS-technique?

    I'll appreciate any input!
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