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    (Yes, I wrote this on thunders too, but getting more opinions is never bad)

    It would be great if some of you experienced pumpers could approve this, as it will be my first pump. It's called "Pro-Xzek", and seems to be of good quality. I will copy some info about it here.

    "The kit contains a 22.9 cm (9”) long plastic vacuum chamber with a 5.7 cm (2.25”) circumference and a 12 cm (4.5”) soft latex inner sleeve for perfect seal and comfort. The Hand Pump features a stainless steel piston and cartridge, safety ca-vacuum release pin, new and improved soft-cushioned non-slip grip handle for fast pump action and a safety vacuum gauge that allows you to exercise your penis gradually within the safety vacuum range of 17.5 cm Hg to .38 cm Hg. Also included is a set of three 100% silicone restriction rings in 20, 25, and 30 mm sizes and a professional instruction book with English."

    The size should be good for me, as I am going mainly for girth. My penis size is 7,5" el and girth is 4,5" right under the glands, and 5,8" at the base.

    Could anyone also tell me what the "latex inner sleeve" is used for?

    If you guys approve this, I will get it and write a review later when I have used it for a while.

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    Circumference is girth
    So 2.25 inches must be diameter otherwise you could not fit your 4.5 inch girth penis into the tube.
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