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    So last night after school I was picked up by a really hot, hung, tan, muscular guy that i've been chatting with online for sometime. Most people think I'm stupid for doing this, but I think they're stupid for underestimating the danger I present to those accepting my online booty calls.

    We get going back to his place, which is about an hour away. We get real silly in the car, smoke a little weed, grab a beer on the way, conversation turns to sexual things as we both know why the meeting happened in the first place. Upon arrival at his house, I set up my stuff to cut his hair, and we get to it so we can GET TO IT!

    After a shower of explosive exploration and washing of hair off of young bodies, he looks at me and says "Just put your shirt and your panties on." This is another beer later and I'm down for anything. I get, well, dressd (camo shirt and a thong with boots), we head outside (with the weed, cigarettes and the cooler) to the car.

    A short drive later we come to a dead end that turns into an open field, which i soon recognize to be an elementary school playgroud. We get out of the car, lay out the blanket, smoke the danks. At this point i proceed to rip his pants off as he removes his shirt and for the first time i get to put his thick, curved and long cock into my mouth, throat, stomach etc. (TOOT-TOOT). I am facing the playground, he is facing the street.

    30 seconds later he says to me "Get down, there is a car...oh nevermind they're gone, NO WAIT IT'S A COP!!" I go into stealth mode and grab everything i can, which amounts to his pants and my cigarettes. I still haven't removed any of my clothes but i'm not wearing that much anyways. This leaves my fine friend standing in front of his truck with a blanket around his waist, as the cop pulls up spotlight and all and begins to question.

    "Hey man, where are your pants?" the cop asks him, i open my car door and give them to him, at which point he says, "Will you please put yours on too?"

    "I don't have them with me. Sorry." I reply, kinda bratty, but hey, I don't fuck around.

    "Well, give her that blanket." he tells my male companion, "Have you been drinking at all tonight, ma'am?" why does he call me ma'am. I'm obviously too young to be called ma'am.

    "No, sir, I haven't."

    "Then why are your eyes all bloodshot and glassy?"

    DUH! I'm high as a kite right now! "Well, we did just get busted having sex in a field."

    So he shines his light in my eyes and I stare back like I'm supposed to.

    He takes my friend over to the cruiser, where he explains that we were just trying to go somewhere to be alone, and that any drinking i did was not with him, and that he had picked me up from school. So I get a breathalizer, who knows what I blew, probably just enough.
    And I end up getting my first real ticket ever.

    At this point we're forced to drive away leaving my bowl alone on the ground for the cop to find it and possibly issue us another ticket. So we get really huffed and puffed about how that totally sucks, and head back to his place. We smoke an angry cigarette and drink another angry beer, throw in Pulp Fiction and get to the angry fucking. and so from midnight to 4 in the morning, we take out our own frustrations of the day and night on each other's bodies, head to bed, rest a little, fuck again for the final amazing time (kid came onto my face like a goddamned pressure washer, it was awesome).

    In the morning, we take a quick little drive and a short suspenseful walk back into the field that was so mortifying to be in the night before, and gleefully stumble upon my pipe and my lighter! it was a glorious reunion, me and my dicklips shall never part again.

    All in all, I found a new fuckbuddy to get the rage out with, got a ticket (and got it paid for, cos he's a nice man), lost and found my pipe, and made the most interesting first ticket story I've ever heard.
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    hehe good one.
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