Last nights episode with my best friends wife...

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    Last night i went to my friends house and played with his wife while he did also...

    It was pretty hot,,,ive never played with them before but have watched them have sex a few timesand video taped for them... we started to massage her legs and feet and ended up naked pretty thing he told me to start grabbing her ass, so i did.. then he was rubbing her pussy and told me to,, at first i was very hesitant.... (we are close friends and my wife is friends with his).... he told me again, so i figured ahhh what the hell.. so i started to rub her pussy and finger her, she was on all fours facing the other way... then he told her to grab my cock, so she sent her hand back and started stroking me...i was fingering her and she was stroking me...he started to fuck her a little while she was stroking me.... then he pulled out and told me to keep fingering her and said he was going upstairs to get condoms.. when he left i felt weird and stopped playing with her pussy, i said to her---"i dont want him to get mad", she said " i honestly dont think he cares" so i said ok, and started fingering her more i was talking dirty to her too,,now she was moaning louder probably because it was just me and her (supposedly he is the only guy she ever slept with) he came down to see that i as still fingering her and he smiled, he handed em a condom ad told me to put it on,,, i didnt .. i felt a little too weird to fuck his wife, i know he wanted to see it happen bc my cock is a lot bigger than his..he ended up cumming quckly after and i went home..i know she loved stroking my cock and probably wanted it badly,,, when she was stroking me her other arm was literally shaking like in spasms...

    i felt weird bc i thought that if i did fuck her i was going to end up fucking her when he is not around probably, it may happen anyway now..who knows...
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    This seems to be a new trend.
    Not the happening part, I mean: just the telling.
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